back home in SD

This morning was pretty mellow. I went out to a little bakery that has stuff we like. I get a ham & cheese croissant, and Mom likes the cinnamon rolls. Dad wanted an apple fritter. We basically lounged the whole morning. We talked some about the next visit when Sandy & T will be visiting, too.

I left around 1 pm and again checked Google maps. It’s become quite handy for routes and timing. It told me that there was a 90 minute delay on I-5 South but didn’t give an alternate route until I was already on the road. But it did say there was a different way that would save 45 minutes. I took it. I cruised down 15 South, which was probably more mileage, but there was very little slowing the whole way, even when it was pouring down rain in parts. I got home at 3:30 pm.

Before long it was time to take Han to get the rental car for his next trip. Thankfully, the road to the airport was clear. We were even able to transfer the gear in the Avis parking lot, which was great.

I went by the store, then came home. Can you guess? I watched “Parenthood” and made some pasta. I added chicken sausage and goat cheese. It was yummy.

This weekend, I plan to work. Maybe get out for a walk or two.



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