cold house

Last day of NaBloPoMo! With the exception of last Wednesday, I wrote every day this month (I made up for it with 2 posts on Thanksgiving). It’s been fun. I will make no promises as to future writing! I’ve learned my lesson there.

It’s San Diego, so it does not get super cold here, like say it does in Salt Lake City or Sweden. But it’s all relative, right? We haven’t turned on the heater here, mainly because it’s a new (to us) place, and I’d rather have SDG&E come out to look at it first. So the last few nights it’s been getting cold here (in the 40s), and the house just cools right off. I’ve taken to wearing my jacket while I’m here in the evenings. Yes, yes, we’ll call SDG&E or at least get a couple space heaters 🙂

Han got home today, and I picked him up at the rental car place. We had Chinese food for dinner and watched the first episode of Twin Peaks. Remember that show? I never watched it when it was on. It’s odd, but I will say I’m a bit intrigued. By the way, I finished Parenthood on Netflix, but I was so bummed out because it only went through season 5, but there were 6 seasons! I didn’t recall exactly how many there had been so I figured there were only 5. Then when I got to the last episode and knew there was more to the story (from having watched it when it was on in prime time), and it wasn’t there, I was sad! But then, I just looked it up and season 6 will be added in late December! How convenient!

Tomorrow I’m taking the day off for all kinds of medical stuff. I’m going to therapy. I have to get lab tests done. I have to take in my pee samples that I’ve had to do the last two mornings (one more tomorrow, and BTW, I’ve had to keep them in the fridge. Yuck.) I have to pick up a prescription. And I’m going to have an ultrasound on my kidneys. Hopefully, it’ll all be done by early afternoon. My mystery pain seems to be better today, still kind of there, but not as bad as it was yesterday morning.

Until the next time!


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