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I had a plan. There were a bunch of things I had to do today as I had mentioned yesterday. And it all started out pretty good.

After therapy (in La Jolla), I went to the lab to have blood drawn for my lab orders and to give them my pee samples. She asked for another one, too. Okay.

Then it was to the bank and the pharmacy. No problem. Then to the Hillcrest UCSD hospital for the ultrasound. Hospitals can be such scary places. When I got to radiology, which was tucked back in a corner, a fire alarm started going off. Loud noises and strobe light. No one was batting an eye. It was off-putting. In the waiting room, they were showing a Pat Robertson show. Oy. The alarm turned off, and no one did a thing.

The gal came to get me fairly promptly and went right to work. It was an ultrasound, just like I’ve seen them do on TV for pregnant ladies. She squeezed the goop on my right side and put that little wand over it. There were a lot of deep breaths in…hold…breathe out. Lots of that. Turn. Same thing. Other side. Same thing. Then she said she’d do my bladder, too, which was weird. She kept telling me to breathe in deeply then blow it out. Then she concluded I was dehydrated because she couldn’t get my jets to engage. Did you know there were jets in your bladder? No one had told to not drink or eat, but when you have to give blood and do procedures, I’ve found it’s best to not eat or drink, just in case.

I was out of there by 11:20 am. Cool. A few more errands, and I’ll go home. But then I had a voicemail from Cindy, the lady who had drawn my blood that morning. They couldn’t use the pee I’d delivered because I hadn’t dated and put the time on them. Well, that wasn’t in the instructions. Would you have known automatically to do that? I was too busy trying to put the damn catcher in the toilet! She said I’d have to “collect” again and to come back up there to get the supplies. So now I have to drive back up to La Jolla. I was glad I’d taken the day off.

On the way there, I stopped at Discount Tire because there was a light on my dashboard signaling that my tire pressure was low. Thankfully, they do a free air check and filled up all four tires. The light went off. Yay!

I got back to the clinic and hoped I could just find a visitor parking since I just had to run in and get the supplies. The visitor parking was filled by construction equipment. So I went underground to their parking lot and went up, and…the lab was closed for lunch. The woman who had called wasn’t there, and I lost it. I started muttering about paying for parking a third time and just automatically tears came. God. The poor receptionist was very nice. She got someone to come and figure it out, and they validated my whole parking. But because my appointment is Thursday to look at the results of all this, I have to ‘collect’ tomorrow morning, and take it back to the La Jolla clinic for them to process, then ‘collect’ on Thursday and take that to my appointment. Sheesh.

After that, it was about 12:30 pm. I was hungry. So I headed home only to remember about 10 minutes away that I had forgotten one errand, to pay the rent. So I turned around and went back to Hillcrest and dropped it off. I got home around 1:30 pm. I told Han my harrowing tale then had some turkey and mashed potatoes. Then I worked. Han left for rehearsal around 6 pm. I made dinner later (turkey chili and cornbread muffins). I binge-watched “New Girl.” And now it’s time to get ready for bed.


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  1. mama says:

    WOW sorry you had to go thru all this!!! They sure don’t give good directions on how to do things hmpff.

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