a reading

In late February, I was featured at a reading, along with some other poets. It was at a house. Think house concert, but with poetry. It was really cool.

The host was an old poet friend of mine, Adrian. I honestly can’t remember how, where, or when I met him, but he was a Taco Shop Poet and he’s friends with my former professor, Quincy Troupe.

I was excited for this reading because it was a new crowd for me. My friend, The Becky, attended with me. They had homemade tostadas for the crowd plus beer and wine. It was a great spread.

He said I would be kicking off the show, which was fine with me. The bummer was that right before I was to go on, and I mean, literally right before, I developed the beginnings of a cold sore. I mean WTF? Why then? I didn’t feel especially nervous or anything. I just suddenly got a tiny little bump on my bottom lip. I felt very self-conscious about it, but I don’t think it was quite visible yet. But so weird!

Anyway, I gave my reading, and I was totally on. I read some old pieces, but they’re very familiar and they were new to most of the audience. I killed. Here’s a photo of me at the mic. He had musicians there to back up the poet if he/she wanted it. I had them play on a couple pieces. I don’t really like it, but it wasn’t bad.

Adrian's It was a fun evening, and it felt good to be so well-received.

Just a little highlight from February!


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