a cousin, a birthday, and a road trip

Some highlights from March included a visit from cousin Kyle. He’s the son of one of Han’s cousins. He lives in Missouri. He’s a nice kid. He spent most of his time with D or on his own. I felt kind of bad because Han & I were pretty busy during his stay.

He happened to be here when Han’s birthday rolled around. I took everyone out to Juniper & Ivy, an amazing restaurant in the Kettner area. It’s one of Richard Blais’s restaurants. That was my third time there, and it was amazing again. We had several appetizers to share, my favorite was the “deviled eggs” served in an egg white meringue. I know. It sounds weird, but I’m telling you, it was great. It’s the kind of place where pretty much anything you have is going to be incredible.

For my entree, I had the spring vegetable ragout. For dessert, we had the Yodel (not my photo):


It’s one of the best desserts I’ve ever eaten. I had let them know we were celebrating a birthday, so Han got a buttermilk ice cream dessert that he really liked.

The weekend after the birthday, and after Kyle had left, I drove up to La Mirada, and on Sunday, Mom, Dad & I took a road trip back to San Diego so they could see this latest house I’m in while they still could.

It had been a few years since they’d traveled down to SD so it was very special. We stopped in to Han’s new studio so they could see him and check out the new space which was cool. Then it was on to the house. After the grand tour, Dad got set up to watch some TV while Mom and I went to grab some sandwiches for lunch. After we ate, we chatted for a while, then it was time to head back, but not before a stop at Extraordinary Desserts, one of Mom’s favorite places. She loves the Truffe Framboise cake (not my photo):


We headed back to LM where I stayed the night, then headed into work from there the next day. I was glad they got to see this house. Mom liked the size of the yard. Dad liked it, too. But now we’re all putting good vibes out to the universe for my next home sweet home.

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