# 2 – walking through the city (memories of Barcelona a year later – a series)

Don’t worry, I didn’t abandon you! But hopefully you noticed that #1 in the series contained essentially two days (9/13 & 9/14). So without further ado, here is the entry for 9/15/15.

What a day! Some good, some not so good, but all Barcelona so overall fantastic. We got a later start than we had planned. We left the apartment around 11 am and took the subway to Plaza Catalunya. From that subway stop, it was a short walk to La Rambla. What a treat! First, we drank at la fuente de Canaletes to ensure we’d return to Barcelona.

Sandy strikes a pose!

From there we walked to Calle Petritxol where we went to Granja Pallaresa for churros and chocolate (I had a coffee). It was okay but the churros were not fresh. Still not bad because any day with churros is a good one 🙂 day-2c-churros-y-chocolate

From there we wandered through the Gothic Quarter…

a typical street in the Gothic Quarter

…and we came upon a square with a church, Santa Maria del Pi, but we couldn’t go in the sanctuary. From there it was to Plaza Real which is awesome (Sandy’s favorite) with a cool fountain.

We continued our walk, just strolling really, no real destination. Mom had some places she wanted to see so she was kind of leading us. We passed by Can Culleretes where we would be meeting Ferran. It’s the oldest restaurant in BCN. Looked amazing. We made our way back to La Rambla and walked to the end where Columbus stands (or as I called him ‘the terrible conqueror’). We stopped back at Plaza Real for a bite, but the cafe we selected, that Mom had read was one of the only good ones in the Plaza, Ocanya, was below standard. We do not recommend it. While we ate, some very muscular men did some capoeira which was entertaining.

Later we went to la Boqueria and walked about. Such a visual and stimulus overload, but it simply can’t be missed! day-2h-la-boqueria

After leaving there, we passed a place called Casa de la Virreina, and inside were the giants! They are for carnival and parades, but the giants are a huge (no pun intended) tradition in BCN. I had no idea. It was neat to learn about them, but they kind of creeped me out. Sandy really liked them.


We kept walking up La Rambla, bought some calendars. We decided to visit Els Quatre Gats, an old bar where Hemingway & Picasso used to hang out. It was awesome!! It was a new place for all of us. We had a beer and some water and soaked in the historic atmosphere. I thoroughly enjoyed this place.


We ended up back at Plaza Catalunya (where my parents met!) and weren’t sure what we wanted to do after taking these photos.


We had talked about going up to Tibidabo for a sunset drink so we decided to do that. On the subway back toward our neighborhood, we were all a little tired and hangry (some of us more than others :)). We should have had food at Els Quatre Gats. When we got back, we found out the tram to Tibidabo wasn’t running so we went back to the apartment and had some snacks. I looked up a place where we could go to dinner. I found a place not too far and thought I made a reservation for us at 8pm.

day-2l-el-pescadito-paellaWe got to El Pescadito only to learn the kitchen didn’t open until 8:30! So much for our reservation! But we were able to sit and have a drink until we could order. Then we feasted. We had calamares, pan con tomate, and patatas bravas to start. For dinner, Mom had monkfish (her favorite!), Sandy had steak and I had paella which was yummy. The calamares were also good, but the rest was just okay.

After dinner, around 10:30 pm, we went back home, and tried to plan out the rest of the time we’re here. There just aren’t enough days!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. josefa wann says:

    The beginning of my blister. We walked a lot that day 🙂 Nice recap

  2. Sandy says:

    I was the hangriest. I’m glad you edited what you probably really wrote because I know I was awful. :/ I loved everything about the day except the dinner. It did not please me.

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