# 3 – Bari Gotic y familia (memories of Barcelona a year later – a series)

Sorry I missed a day, but I had a great evening seeing Heather’s new place in San Marcos then going to dinner. So here is the report for 9/16/15, then I’ll follow up with a 2nd post for 9/17/15 🙂

I didn’t get a chance to actually write in my journal for the 16th and 17th, but late on the 17th, I went back and made a bullet list of the highlights of those days. I’ve copied the bullet list but have expanded on some points!

16 September 15

  • Sandy & I went to get breakfast (I failed to mention that the day before, with all the walking, Mom began to develop a blister L)
  • Back to the Gothic Quarter. Government Square:
    Such amazing little streets:
    The motto of the day was, “Don’t forget to look up!”
  • The Cathedral. It’s such an amazing place/building/structure. No words do it justice. There was a stage being set up in front of it for La Mercè (festa major of BCN on 9/24), so that took away from the experience a bit, but it’s still magnificent
  • Mom took us to Sant Felip Neri church which is nearby. One of the walls still has markings on it from the Spanish Civil War
  • We found some benches beside the cathedral. We sat down for a while to have some water, and enjoy a lovely breeze.
  • After our break, we went to see the Roman columns from 1st century BC that have been protected and preserved. It is astounding to imagine the things those columns have endured.
  • We briefly stopped at Plaza del Rey
  • We returned to Els Quatre Gats (yay!) for tapas y para tomar algo. The food was great (fries & croquetas)
  • Mom said she was done walking and decided to go back to the apartment. Sandy & I decided to explore a bit. We walked down to the waterfront in an attempt to ride the Port Vall tram but didn’t take the right route. It was still a nice walk to a part of BCN we hadn’t seen.
  • We walked back up La Rambla. We bought magnets and had ice cream.
  • When we got home around 4 pm, I discovered that I had overdone it. My legs had developed a heat rash, or something. Both lower legs were red, splotchy, hot. It wasn’t vasculitis, but it was not good.
  • Sonia, Eric, and Nicole came over. The first time we’d ever met Nicole! We chatted a while and then we all piled into their car (unsafe!) and went to visit Jordi & Elvira. Jordi is Sonia’s dad, and he’s my godfather. His health has been declining as has Elvira’s, but they were both in great spirits. They lived in the same place where Jordi & Nuri had lived. It was a trip to be there. I had very brief recollections of being there, but for Sandy, it was stronger. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures from there, but I think Sandy or Mom does.
  • After the visit, Sonia & Nicole took the bus and the rest of us were in the car. We headed down toward La Barceloneta to have dinner.
  • We arrived before Sonia & Nicole, so we had a drink at Juanita LaLa, a fun little bar.
    I should mention that my legs were hurting pretty bad at this point. I was powering through, but damn!
  • After Juanita LaLa, we walked down the waterfront a bit to a restaurant called 3 Nusos. We met Eric’s other daughters, Melani and Katya. It was a great time. All the food was spectacular. I had croquetas and lobster ravioli.
    I know Mom & Sandy really liked what they had too. I don’t remember talking much as I was in terrible pain by this point. But I was also intent on enjoying the moment and soaking in every second. The dinner was one of those long, luxurious affairs, with lots of food, drink, and conversation.
  • We took a cab home and went to bed by 1 am.

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  1. Sandy says:

    I’m sorry that you were in such pain. You were a real troope!

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