# 4 – more Bari Gotic y familia (memories of Barcelona a year later – a series)

Here’s today’s 2nd post about what we did one year ago today in Barcelona! And it’s another bulleted list!

17 September 15

  • My legs were no better after a night’s sleep. Mom went to get breakfast & to see when the pharmacy opened. It was open so I went back out with her to get a cream or something to put on my legs.
  • Today we were having lunch with Ferran, Mom’s cousin, so we headed back to La Rambla…
    day-4a-la-rambla …and made our way to Can Culleretes, thinking our reservation was at 12:30pm. But surprise, when we got there, the restaurant was just opening. We checked the reservations, and ours wasn’t until 2:30pm.
  • So we wandered through the Gothic Quarter (never bad!). I love this photo of the bookstore cat in the sun.
    We had some churros. In our wandering we came upon an ancient Roman wall!
  • We took a cab to the El Born neighborhood,
    one that Mom had wanted to check out. I had never been, but when I go back (:)), I’ll look into staying there. I thought it was lovely.
  • Mom specifically wanted to visit a church, Santa Maria del Mar , but it was closed. However, as a tour group came out, Mom hopped inside the door quickly to just get a glimpse. That was good enough for her 🙂
  • El Born is also home to Museu Picasso. We didn’t have time before lunch to go in, sadly, but the gift shop was open to the public so we spent some time in there, buying souvenirs (including Picasso’s own drawings for the menus of Els Quatre Gats!) That was a good stop!
  • We walked back to the Gothic Quarter, which turned out to not be very far at all, and made our way to Can Culleretes where Ferran was waiting for us with flowers for Mom. It was so sweet.
  • This restaurant is a MUST! Spectacular food. For primero, Sandy & I both had cannelones (they made Sandy tear up!), they were exquisite.
    For segundo, I had lomo con patatas fritas. Postre: tarta de chocolate. Plus 2 beers.
  • The restaurant itself, aside from the food, is remarkable. The oldest in BCN, est 1786. There was amazing art, photographs, and drawings.

    Another meal with great company & amazing food.
  • Strolled La Rambla on the way back to the subway and then home for a bit.
  • I had been “What’s App”ing with Melanie, Eric’s daughter, who works for Bus Turistic, to get free tickets. We figured out we could meet at the Tibidabo stop.
  • Sandy and I went to meet her, but we had some time so we explored a park that’s right near the bus stop: Jardines de la Tamarita. It was lovely!
  • We met up with Melanie who gave us the tix for all 3 routes, very nice of her. Then we went to buy some more ham, cheese, and bread.
  • We collected Mom and went to El Putxet and walked around the neighborhood some more.
  • Then we went home and made sandwiches and plans. Going to Montserrat with Sandy tomorrow!

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  1. Sandy says:

    Love it!! Just like I remember it 🙂

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