# 7 – To Platja d’Aro (memories of Barcelona a year later – a series)

Sorry for missing a day. I’ll try to double post to stay on track, no promises though. Work has been complete craziness.


20 September 15

We got up fairly early (haha, around 8:30 am) to get ready to leave what I came to call the apartment, Casa Tibidabo. We had breakfast on the terrace (for the first time)day-7a-terrace-at-bertran. Then we set to cleaning the apartment and getting our stuff together. We were done by about 11 am, and Sonia arrived around 11:30 am. After chatting a while, we got our luggage and hauled it up the streets of Barcelona to Sonia’s car, which would have been rather uneventful, except that on the way, we passed by the church where Mom & Dad were married!

Sonia drove us out of Barcelona. There’s a highway now that goes to Costa Brava where before you had to go through towns. It’s very green here. Nice drive, all the while talking about the family and everything.

First stop was Sta Cristina where Sonia lives in a cute little 2-bedroom.

View from Sonia’s apartment

It’s government housing, and she only pays 300 euro a month, which is quite inexpensive. It was very cute. She made us canalones and a salad. Yummy! Then she brought out her photo albums from when she lived with us in La Mirada. She says it was the best time of her life J After that we all piled in the car to head to Playa de Aro! It’s not far, in fact, Sonia works in Platja.

On the way into town, we stopped at the cemetery where Avi & Mama Pepita (Mom’s parents) are buried. day-7c-playa-de-aro-cemeteryPoor Mama Pepita doesn’t have her birth/death dates on the headstone. Sonia said it might have been a matter of money at the time. Sad. I’m glad we stopped though.

Then it was on to Playa de Aro. It’s changed a lot. It’s much more about la moda. Many stores, not as many bars/cafes. There’s a McDonald’s. L But one part that is still mostly the same is the beach.

We arrived to our next apartment which is part of Hotel Aromar. It’s on the third floor, and it faces the sea. It’s an incredible view.The sea is so calm.

After we got to the apartment & admired its views, we went to the supermarket for some drinks and snacks. Mom didn’t come because her blister is the size of a house. 😦 We took a drink on the balcony and called Nuri and Monica to make a plan for them to come the next day (with much drama in the conversation). Sonia & Nicole then had to leave to get Eric so Mom, Sandy & I walked down to the beach to put our feet in the Mediterranean.I didn’t remember the sand being so rocky, but what bliss to sit there.

Eric & Sonia came back (Nicole wasn’t feeling well) and we walked to a local bar/café called Costa Brava. They were showing a basketball game (Spain vs Lithuania), and the patrons were very into it. We had canas, patatas bravas, chipirinos (fried fish), albondigas (very good), calamares a la romana, and chicken wings. I was tired, the bar was loud, but it was still good. When the basketball game was over, they switched to soccer where Barca was playing. They scored 3 quick goals, and it was festive. Sandy liked being around the locals rooting for their teams.

I was able to show Sonia photos of the Lorca house, and talk a bit about Han and D. Sonia is good people, as is Eric. I said to her, “Te veo como un adulto.” We had a good laugh.

After ‘dinner,’ they left and Mom, Sandy, and I hung in the hotel lobby to use the WiFi.

Then we went back to the apartment where we read a bit then went to sleep. The beds in this apartment are much better than the little monastic beds at Casa Tibidabo.

One last look at the view of the sea from our balcony. Sigh. day-7d-playa-de-aro16


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  1. Sandy says:

    So awesome!

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