NPM – 22 of 30

the woman in the car behind me she is an older woman but seems well put together she is touching up her make-up fluffing her hair she checks her watch I wonder if she is late for an appointment an interview a date she uses her rear view mirror as a final check on her…

NPM – 20 of 30

as you’ve probably surmised, when I don’t have the inspiration for much, I turn to haiku it may be kind of cheating, but it works for me ~~ another long day getting ready to leave town needed getaway

NPM – 19 of 30

headache today probably from not eating anything but chocolate all day it persists after eating makes it difficult to even stare into this screen’s white glare these words are not even a true poem early night

NPM – 18 of 30

what do you make of a day that begins deciding if you’re well enough to return to work you do your ten years of working is celebrated with the head honchos and others who have also endured for a decade you eat mediocre pizza and must recount how you came to work there then share…

NPM – 17 of 30

lovely to sleep in trying to knock out sickness feeling okay now

NPM – 15 & 16 of 30

April 15 productive morning lazy afternoon at home music & friends at night ~~ April 16 sickness came today fuzzy head & lazy bones sick day tomorrow

NPM – 14 of 30

supporting the arts through attendance & money a nice Friday night

NPM – 13 of 30

upon waking I discovered the cat had knocked over its litter box after a day of work where I barely came up for air I made my way to the harbor where I met a friend who was in from out of town we walked to a restaurant and met another friend we talked a lot…

NPM – 12 of 30

his strong cologne clung to my clothes like a small gnat flies nearby at lunch