NPM – 4 of 30

Another Girl in the Car Behind Me

she looked younger than me
hair up haphazardly
as if she just worked out
or is the type of woman
who can wear her hair
casually & still look good

suddenly she raised
her cell phone to the top
of her steering wheel
and kept it here
like she was filming
the road ahead
or speaking to someone
by video chat
or maybe the worst option
taking selfies

it became more difficult
for me to pay attention
to the road ahead of me
as I was legitimately concerned
that she would run right into me

I watched this ridiculous girl
like it was my own private movie
the distance between us growing
then diminishing as she didn’t
seem to be paying attention
to the flow of traffic
slowly drifting from one side
of the lane to the other

when there was enough space
between us for someone else
to get behind me, I relaxed
and made sure to put more
distance between us


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I like this little bits of your life.

  2. Sandy says:

    Girls in cars

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