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So far I’ve had a pretty great day. I woke up around 7:45 am and went down to my favorite little French cafe (Cafe de L’Opera) around 8:30 am. The doors were closed, and I was sad that they might be closed, but then the owner saw me and opened the door for me. She explained that the electricity had just come back on from being out so she was trying to get things going, but she let me sit down and wait. I’m a pretty regular customer, but I still appreciated the gesture.

When she was ready, she took my order (my regular: ham & cheese croissant & iced mocha) and when I got up to meet her at the register, she told me to take my time. I read my book and she brought my food & drink over. It was a lovely morning. I sat in the table by the window. It had been a couple weeks since I’d been there. It’s so yummy. Usually, I stay there and work until the afternoon, but today I had an acupuncture appointment. I went to pay for my breakfast. The owner had taken my punch card and punched enough in there so my next meal & drink will be free. Score!  ‘

I ordered a Lyft to take me to acupuncture. I arrived exactly on time for my appointment and was transported to a world of relaxation as the needles worked on my body’s points to better blend my chi. My acupuncturist also does some light massage with aromatherapy work on my head, neck, and shoulders before she leaves me alone, needles in, for about 25 minutes. When she returns, she does some work on my calves and feet. It is heavenly. I felt fantastic afterward. I had already planned to walk home (which is why I took the Lyft there), but once I was outside, I decided that instead of heading straight home, I’d walk over to Balboa Park.

It was an absolutely beautiful fall day. The temperature was perfect. I don’t live that far from the beautiful Balboa Park, but I certainly don’t take advantage of that fact. I’m so glad I chose to include it on my walk home today. [for my mom: I started at 239 Laurel Ave and walked down Laurel to Balboa Park]. I walked across Cabrillo Bridge and through the plaza of the Old Globe, then I walked through the main pedestrian area of the park, and through the Botanical Garden, up through Casa del Prado, up by the big fountain, then I turned to head back but saw a sidewalk that went down and took it, not knowing where it went. I ended up on a back road that was access for an employees area of the park (Japanese Garden), but it was fine. I ended up trudging up a paved road and wound up on President’s Way that took me over to Park Blvd [got that, Mom?]

From there, I walked down Park Blvd to G St, then turned right and walked to 5th Ave after making a stop at the Good Stuff Cookie Co (cheescake stuffed cookies!!) Once on 5th, I was trying to decide where I could stop for lunch. I wanted to try somewhere I hadn’t been before. I remembered a Mexican place that I was interested in so I turned right on Market then left on 4th and went to Las Hadas. I sat outside, ordered a beer and carnitas tacos. I pulled out my book. The waitress expressed her appreciation of someone reading a real book, which I liked. The food was delicious. The chips were flour tortilla chips (yum!). The carnitas were plentiful and yummy. The whole lunch + beer was only $11 (hooray for lunch specials!) And bonus, the waitress also filled up my water cup saying she supported anyone who carried reusable water cups. I loved that waitress, and she got a great tip!

I left and walked up 4th to Island and back over to 5th, then left on J Street and back home to 10th Ave where I turned on my a/c and stretched out on the couch and watched the rest of “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” Yes, it’s truly simple things that can be so satisfying. Especially when there is so much in the world that I can’t control, making a decision like walking instead of driving, eating good food, reading a good book – these are things that bring me pleasure. And it’s not over yet!

Shortly, I will watch Game 7 of the ALCS baseball playoffs and later I’ll watch a new episode of my guilty pleasure, Ghost Adventures. Again, simple pleasures. I hope you are doing things that make you happy, that bring you joy, or at the very least that you are not unhappy.

And now, please enjoy some photos below taken on different walks I’ve taken around this lovely city. Hover over images for captions 🙂



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  1. Sandy says:

    Love it! What a great day! I liked all the photos. Good use of black and white.

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