NaBloPoMo fail!

Yep, it completely slipped my mind that November is National Blog Posting Month. I was reading my sister’s blog at the beginning of the month, around the 5th or so, and that’s when I realized! Oh well.

The month, though, has been pretty good. It started off with the Houston Astros winning the World Series. After Hurricane Harvey, that city needed some good news. Plus they beat the hated Dodgers. I wasn’t sad. That was on Nov 1.

On the 2nd, I was off to Austin, TX to visit Barbara and to catch a show of hers with my other friend, Lindsay, who is from here, but drove out to TX with her wife to do three shows in the Lone Star state. But they didn’t arrive until Friday, so that gave me & Barbara all day Thursday to hang out. She picked me up at the airport around noon, and we immediately went to Torchy’s Tacos, they’re delicious. I got my standard carnitas taco (Green Chile Pork), and then I went a little nutty and got a Republican, a jalapeno sausage taco. I know, weird. The sausage was good but not as a taco. I should just stick to my carnitas taco. From there, we went to her house, and that’s where we stayed. I think we may have gone to the grocery store, but otherwise, we kicked it in front of the TV and chatted, read, played with the cats, maybe napped? It is just so decadent to go to a friend’s house and feel comfortable enough to not need to be entertained. I don’t know if that makes sense, but I wasn’t there to see the sights, I was there to see her. And she had no plan or desire to go out so it all worked out just fine.

Lindsay & Audrie arrived on Friday afternoon (the morning was pretty much like Thursday evening had been). They showered up and everyone got ready and we headed to the gig. It was sparsely attended, unfortunately, but I was so happy seeing & hearing them. After the gig, we went through the drive-thru of Taco Cabana and debriefed back at Barbara’s.

I had trouble sleeping that night so I was up early while everyone slept which was nice. I got some reading done. Lindsay & Audrie took off a little bit after they got up. I don’t really recall anything different for me and Barbara. We watched movies, read, talked. She would go lay down every so often (she wasn’t feeling too great while I was there). But that night, we went out to dinner at Jack Allen’s Kitchen. We were seated right away and we played Heads Up while we waited for our food which made the time go by fast! I had the crispy salmon and she had the chorizo-stuffed pork medallions. Everything was really good. For dessert, we shared the special which was pumpkin whoopie pies served with cinnamon ice cream. Wow, that was yummy.

Then on Sunday, it was time to head home to San Diego. I was sad to leave Barbara, especially since she was going to be playing that evening so I’d miss seeing her perform again. Well, she’ll be in San Diego in January so I’ll get to see her again soon.

Other highlights of the month were going out on the 8th to a venue downtown to see some friends play music. I walked to the venue and took a Lyft home so in between, I enjoyed some drinks. I only had beer but it packed a punch. I got home and made myself a quesadilla, and it was delicious!

Thursday, Mom texted to tell us that Dad had woken up that morning and didn’t know his name and wouldn’t turn to allow her to help with his colostomy. So off to the hospital they went. I kept in touch with her but kept my dentist appointment for my 2nd of two deep cleaning sessions, headed home, packed, and endured rush hour traffic to get up to LM to be there for Mom and Dad. I had Friday off because of Veterans Day which was good.

Dad was in the hospital until Sunday. It turns out he had a minor case of pneumonia that caused him to become disoriented and basically lose a good chunk of his day on Thursday. I was glad to be there for them. As Mom said, she didn’t really do anything differently but it was nice to have someone to talk to about things that were going on.

I headed back to San Diego Sunday evening after we’d sprung Dad out of the hopsickle (as my friend, Jeffrey Joe, called it). Later that week, I ventured out on Wednesday (there were things I could have done on Monday and Tuesday, but I didn’t feel up to it) to Java Joe’s to see my old friend, Frank Lee Drennen play a show with some pals, a couple guys from LA and another guy from SD. It was great to see him, plus I bought the new CD of his duo (Dead Rock West).

Friday night I went to a writing session at San Diego Writers Ink which was great. It was  a casual drop-in type thing that cost $5. I used the time to do some research and write a little bit.

Saturday was my birthday eve. It started out at my favorite French cafe, then an extra-long acupuncture session (heavenly!), then a drive up to Encinitas to hang out with Cathryn for a bit, then to Moonlight Beach for the celebration of life for Cathy. It was a lovely afternoon. I wasn’t up for much mingling, so I walked along the beach until the group gathered to share stories. It was tough for me. All of my feelings for her just came back to the surface, and I was overwhelmed. I really miss her.

That evening, I wanted to take myself out to dinner. I tried Cafe Sevilla because Spanish food makes me happy. They seated me at the “chef’s bar,” but no one even said a word or acknowledged me in any way so I left. I walked around trying to find a place that I wanted, and I ended up at Bottega Americano, and it was incredible. Very good.

I’ll continue this November wrap-up tomorrow night. It’s time for bed!


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  1. Sandy says:

    I love it when you write!

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