Red as an apple in her lily white hand
Red as the blood you shed on the land
Red in your dreams at night
Red until the day you’re dead
– from “Red” by Barbara Nesbitt

Today’s reflection prompt was “red.” (By the way, I’m doing this December Reflections 2017 thing.) The first thing I thought of was Barbara’s song from her latest album, “Right as Rain.” I have no idea what the song is about, but it’s fitting for the theme. Be sure to click the link to see her perform the song live at the Saxon Pub.

After I thought of her song, my thoughts turned to the holidays which prompted the photo. Those stockings are hung in the lobby of my building. Tonight was the holiday party here which I did not attend. Didn’t attend last year either. But people get really gussied up for it. Instead I went to Java Joe’s to see a couple friends play some music. That’s more my style anyway.

But I’m looking forward to the holidays, and really this whole month has mostly good things lined up. Tonight I pulled out my holiday lights and strung them on my balcony as well as another holiday decoration. I’ll probably do the rest tomorrow. I’ve also gotten a lot of my shopping done already, which is great. And well, none of that is really about ‘red’ but it’s just a prompt, right?


Back to the November recap. After my birthday, I went to work, then that night, I almost went to the Florent poetry slam, but couldn’t bring myself to do it yet. Tuesday, I worked, then that evening, I drove up to LM for the Thanksgiving break. I had to work on Wednesday, but it was my work from home day so I just worked from my parents’ home. I got up early, went and got breakfast & coffee just like a regular work day. I set up at the dining room table and was pretty productive. Mom & I went to get KFC for lunch, then I worked a bit more, probably ’til about 4 pm which was later than I intended, but there was stuff to do.

On Thursday, Thanksgiving, I took Dad to dialysis along with a huge amount of cookies for the staff at the clinic. For the Thanksgiving meal, we had grilled steaks, potatoes, aioli, bread, and ceasar salad. For appetizers, we had deli meat, spinach dip, deviled eggs. Plus there was pie! Pumpkin, chocolate meringue, chocolate, and apple. That’s a lot of pie! Norbert came over to eat with us, plus he did some stuff around the house to help Mom & Dad. I am really grateful to him for all he does for them. I fell asleep in the recliner around 8 pm. I was stuffed and content.

On Friday, Dad wanted to go to lunch with me and Mom, and run an errand or two. We went to Whittier to an Italian market, but it was closed, so we ended up getting sandwiches at Capriotti’s. It was okay. We also talked to Sonia that day. I did some reading.

On Saturday, it was back to dialysis for Dad. Mom & I went to have lunch at a place called Toast that serves, well, toast. But the toast has stuff on it. Mine was quite good, really fresh (avocado, heirloom tomatoes, cilantro – yum). Mom liked hers as well. It’s in a strange location, but we’d probably go again sometime. That night we had pizza for dinner, a throwback to my childhood when Dad was in charge of dinner while Mom was at ISU, pan pizza with pork topping. Still good.

Sunday morning, Dad & I went out. He wanted a haircut and to run some errands. We got to the Supercuts early, but there were already people waiting. So we sat and chatted and waited. His cut didn’t take long and then we were getting back in the car. My dad has this endearing way of exhaling sometimes that signifies that he’s feeling really tired or a bit emotional. It’s a mixture of a sigh and a deep breath, like you do after you’ve exerted yourself. He let one out as we got going, and I asked if he was okay. He said quietly, “I’m getting old.” I could hear his voice crack a little bit, and I chuckled to lighten the mood a bit and said, “Well, I’m not disagreeing, but why do you say that?” He said that when he’s around the house, he doesn’t really think about it, but when he goes out to places and catches his reflection, sometimes it hits him anew. It was a special moment for me for some reason, and I just said, “It happens to the best of us, Dad.” After we finished up the other errands, he had wanted to take me to breakfast but there was a line where we wanted to go and we weren’t in the mood to wait so we hit a different spot’s drive-thru and headed home.

I got my stuff together and headed back to San Diego around 11:30 am to try to beat the holiday traffic heading south. I succeeded as it was a smooth drive home. I stopped at the grocery store to get a few items, then hunkered down at my place the rest of the day.

The last week of the month had some unexpected things. One is a family matter, but it’s not my story to tell. I saw a movie on Tuesday, “Lady Bird.” I thought it was very good. It’s a movie that feels like real life, which is the type of movie I enjoy. Afterward, I came home and was texting my sister when I heard a very strange noise above me, then suddenly my bedroom ceiling was leaking. Apparently, the apartment above mine had a washing machine malfunction. Luckily, the staff here in the building were super responsive, and there was no permanent damage (that I can tell) from the mishap. On Wednesday, I came home to see a couple police cars blocking a street right next to my building. Turns out someone (not a resident) had gotten into the building and was trying to break in or something. All I got was hearsay from someone on the elevator so I’m not entirely sure what happened, but it was enough for cops to be here and to block a street.

And thus concludes the recap of November. I hope you enjoyed it! Let’s hope for the best as 2017 comes to a close.


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