Best Day(s) of 2017

Thank goodness I keep a daily gratitude journal so I can look back at my year. Some days are very vague like “I am grateful for salmon,” while other days I really capture everything that transpired. It’s become a micro-journal which is much easier for me to maintain.

Today’s December Reflection is “Best Day of 2017,” but I couldn’t choose just one day, which makes me feel lucky. I narrowed it down to 4 specific days and general statement.

General statement: any day I can spend with my immediate family (Mom, Dad, Sister) is considered one of the best because I’m with the people who love and know me the best, who are happy that we can just hang out. I’ve had a good number of those this year so that is awesome.

Now for the specifics. I think I’ll just copy what I’d written in the gratitude journal and include any [after-the-fact asides] and photos.

May 19, 2017 – Savannah GA (with Sandy)

I am grateful for no alarm clocks. I am grateful for a day that included a lot of walking (8.73 miles) but took us around the entire Historic District where we saw all 22 of Savannah’s squares. Highlights (Savannah has so much history): Green-Meldrin House where Lee read the Emancipation Proclamation, Jones Street (most beautiful street in North America), Mercer-Williams House [made famous in “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”], Hamilton-Turner House (inspiration for the Haunted Mansion), Colonial Park Cemetery, and just all the oaks dripping with Spanish moss. The magnolia trees, and all the green you can imagine. Simply beautiful & charming. I am grateful for a stop for lunch at Cafe M, a lovely little French cafe. I am grateful for the break in the day we took to come back to Hall St [our AirBnB], shower, read before heading back out for dinner which was a delicious burger and beers from Green Truck Neighborhood Pub. As an appetizer we had Georgia Spiced Nuts which were yummy. I am grateful for a long, hot day, cold beers, cold water, great good, great coffee, perfect company.

Green-Meldrin House, Mercer-Williams House, Colonial Park Cemetery, Hamilton-Turner House, Spanish moss, Hall St, Jones St

July 14, 2017 – San Diego/Ramona (with Sandy)

I am grateful for Sandy. After 4 hours of sleep, I left the house when she landed & still arrived shortly after she stepped outside. First stop was Bear Buns Baker for cinnamon rolls and conversation, which was a lot of me telling of my Michigan trip. Then to my apartment to hang out a little bit. Talking. I am so grateful for how much we talk, how easy it is. Then it was off to walk around & grab some lunch. We went to Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers which is exactly what we had. Really good, too! Then we walked, we walked west toward Kansas City BBQ, then turned to the harbor, stopping at the Hyatt to use the bathroom. Then all the way down next to the harbor. It was fun seeing things being put up for next week’s Comic-Con. It was hot near the water so when we got home, we were sweaty. We relaxed a while then got ready to head out to Ramona. We left around 4:30 pm and there around 5 pm, not bad at all. Sandy had never been out there so it was cool. We were still full from lunch so we thought we’d have some cocktails. First place was a bust, restaurant next to the venue that only served beer and wine but the 2nd place was the jackpot. The Turkey Inn about 2 blocks up. Perfect, divey, locals spot that poured generously & cheaply. First set of drinks (Jack & Coke, vodka cranberry) was $6.75. We proceeded to have 4 rounds total (total bill $27) and chatted up the locals (including me getting a hug & wee kiss from Anthony, the cutest boy in the place – most others were quite a bit older). Then it was on to the show! After another pre-show beer during the opener, lots more chatting, we went in and managed to get a place to stand/lean near the front of the stage where Poltz repeatedly looked over with his grinning face, working us into a couple song stories. Jeff & Shawn were there, too, and that was cool. I sobered up during the show, got a quick hug from Poltz after. All in all a super fun day that I’m super grateful for.

pre-show selfie

August 20, 2017 – North County day

I am grateful for a North County day: early breakfast at Claire’s on Cedros, long walk up and down Moonlight Beach, getting work done at Gordy’s Bakery, pot painting with Cathryn at Heritage Ranch, solo lunch at Alfonso’s, then catching up with Cathy who is dying, long talk with her then Thai food for dinner. A full day of goodness.

November 19, 2017 – my birthday

See my birthday post!


As you can see I’ve had some pretty great days this year and still 22 more days to go. So far this month, I’ve been out for a walk, talked to my dad, went to a show, had a writing date with Lindsay, and had dinner with Heather. All is well.


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  1. Sandy says:

    That day in Savannah and the evening in Ramona were pretty epic!

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