When I saw the reflection for today was “circles,” I wasn’t quite sure what to do with that. But as I left my apartment, suddenly the shape was everywhere. Doorbell, peephole, elevator buttons.


Then in the parking garage, I saw wheels which then threw me into two songs I know called “Wheels,” both great songs.

Wheels (written by Maria McKee, performed by Lone Justice)
“Outside my window silence breaking with the solid
destination of your lonesome speed
I know the sound of your wheels
yeah, yeah, yeah”

Wheels (written by Chris Hillman, Gram Parsons, performed by Emmylou Harris)
“We’ve all got wheels to take ourselves away
We’ve got telephones to say what we can’t say
We’ve all got higher and higher every day
Come on, wheels, take this boy away”

Then, the rest of the day I noticed circles: the pattern on a chair in my office, wreaths, the windows at a sushi place, the moon.

When you choose to live with intention, with purpose, such as looking for circles, you see them. Although you may see them everyday, the idea that they all share this common geometric shape doesn’t really register. So today, all I could see were circles.



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