I was challenged by…

Today’s reflection is “I was challenged by…” I gotta say this one is tough for me, not because I didn’t have challenges, but nothing that defined my year, which is a good thing. But I did think of a couple things, one personal and one more global.

  1. My job
    These last 6 months or so have been difficult for me in various ways, job-wise. While I feel respected and am paid well, the actual tasks of the job have not brought me much joy. After a particularly high note in July when an idea I had was taken up by the organization as a kind of ‘north star,’ the work after has not been as validating, and in some cases, have left me wondering if I’m really in the right place. It has driven me to some soul-searching, and while I’m not ready to share much more, I will say that I have a hint of a different path that I’m ready to explore.
  2. The administration
    I did not vote for the current president. I find him to be an incredibly insensitive, narcissistic, elitist, deceiving, pussy-grabbing man-boy who is also a terrible public speaker. I know that there are many people who agree with me and many people who don’t, and that’s okay. The challenge has been living with this reality, and I don’t mean that to sound overdramatic. There are some days when it takes everything I have, all of the coping mechanisms I’ve learned in therapy, to get through the day, sometimes even the hours. I rarely get political on my social channels, but that doesn’t mean I’m not paying attention.

~edited to add an article that was published today by Roxane Gay (who I highlighted in my Best Book(s) of 2017 post). It thankfully sums up what I’ve been feeling. She’s really great at that: https://medium.com/wordsthatmatter/truth-matters-2f281b5a748d


One Comment Add yours

  1. Sandy says:

    That Roxanne Gay has a way with words. Powerful.

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