Today’s reflection is ‘green.’ I opened up my photos to see what stood out as being green, and lo and behold the one photo I took today had a green background. It’s the color of the sheet on my dad’s hospital bed. IMG_0405.jpg

That lighter green (or turquoise) in the foreground is his ventilator. My dad’s not doing real well right now. Yesterday, after dialysis, he was having a hard time: his blood pressure was low and he couldn’t really speak much, though he was responsive and was able to hear. He was taken to the ER and was admitted around 4 pm. By 5 pm, he had been sedated, put on the ventilator as he wasn’t able to breathe on his own, and given a room in ICU. I drove up to LA last night, and got to their house surprisingly fast considering all the fires burning, though they weren’t near the 5 freeway.

Mom & I went to see him today, and it was like yesterday where he would be able to hear and could nod to acknowledge, but with the ventilator, he’s unable to speak to us, which is heartbreaking in itself. The doctor was kind, calm, and took his time with us, but he also wasn’t super positive. When I started crying, he didn’t seem surprised and didn’t tell me I was over-reacting which made me cry a little bit more.

There’s still some unknowns in the situation. Will he be able to breathe on his own? Will his blood pressure come up? What type of infection does he have? Is it the pneumonia again? We hope to know more tomorrow.

Mom & I went to lunch and called Sandy and gave her the information. She’ll wait to learn what we do tomorrow. Mom & I went back and stayed for a bit, but not very long. I mean, there’s just not much to do. He’s sedated and sleeping. He can’t communicate with us (though there was a prolonged pantomime which we finally figured out was to tell him what time it was). We’ll go there tomorrow after we call in the morning to try to figure out when the doctor will be around to learn more.

Whoever reads this post, if you’re into those healing vibes, maybe throw some my family’s way over the next few days. Thanks.


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