NPM – 25 of 30

I hate to leave things hanging, though, inevitably, it’s exactly what I do especially with regard to this blog.

I abandoned the December reflections after my dad went into the hospital. I plan to write a lot more about what happened in December, but for now, I’ll say that my dad died on January 3, 2018. We had brought him home from the hospital on December 22, and from that day until the day he died, my mom, my sister, and I (plus help from MT and T and other family members) cared for him through home hospice care. Grieving is a process, and I’m processing.

Before I dive in to that significant and meaningful time in my life (in a separate or perhaps many posts), I plan to write individual posts with poems from the April 2017 30 for 30 challenge (yet another thing I’ve left hanging). I have 28 poems, of which I need to post #s 25 (this post), 26, 27 & 28. Hopefully I’ll complete the last two before April rolls around again, and I take on the challenge anew.

I wrote this poem in August, shortly after there was a terrorist attack in my beloved city of Barcelona. I wrote it in Spanish which was something new for me (pardon the lack of accent marks & the tilde).

Para Barcelona

soy media espanola
Barcelona, la ciudad
donde nacio mi madre,
esta en mi sangre

tengo planos de Gaudi
grabados en mi corazon

oigo los ruidos del trafico
en mis suenos

mis ojos lloran lagrimas saladas
como el Mediterraneo

pruebo la comida
que no se puede comparar

es dificil para mi pensar en espanol
pero no es dificil pensar
que estoy en Barcelona



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  1. Love it. Thanks for writing it. Petons.

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