music is a beautiful thing

IMG_0511.jpgLast night I was gifted with an invitation to the symphony with one of my BFFs, The Becky. At first, I thought, “The symphony?” But then I looked at the link she’d sent with the invite: John Williams. THE John Williams. Musician, composer, conductor. He’s scored such films as, oh, Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, all of the Indiana Jones movies, E.T., a few Harry Potter movies, and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE STAR WARS MOVIES. The man is a legend. And bonus, he was actually going to be there to conduct the second half of the concert.

I’d never been to the symphony, and I found it mesmerizing, hypnotic, and completely compelling. It renewed my appreciation for the flute (but only within the confines of the orchestra – still don’t like ‘rock flute’).

The first half, I watched the screens on the sides of the stage that would focus in on the musicians. The conductor was good, and it was obvious the orchestra was fantastic. But in the second half, all I could watch was John Williams. He’s so expressive as he conducts, and it’s clear that he loves what he does, the music he has created, and hearing it played so well.

Here was the ‘set list’:

Hymn to New England
Suite from Far and Away
Out to Sea/Shark Cage Fugue from Jaws
Suite from E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
I. Three Million Light Years from Home
II. Stargazers
III. Adventures on Earth


Adventures of Mutt from Indiana Jones
A Child’s Tale: Suite from The BFG
Three selections from Harry Potter
I. Chamber of Secrets
II. Nimbus 2000
III. Harry’s Wondrous World
Theme from Sabrina
Three selections from Star Wars
I. The Rebellion is Reborn
II. Rey’s Theme
III. Main Title


Han Solo & the Princess
Darth Vader’s Theme

I have to say that as unworldly as it was to hear the main theme from Star Wars performed live in front of my eyes and ears by the very man who created it, I was most moved by the theme from Sabrina. It was unexpected. It featured the violin, and it was so flipping beautiful, I was close to tears by the end of it.

But trust, it was beyond thrilling to picture the Orca sailing out to sea with the music from Jaws playing, or to imagine Elliot with E.T. in the bike basket flying across the face of the moon with that music, the heroic tones of Indiana Jones, and chords that signal certain evil as Vader’s march thunders through the hall. It was truly spectacular.

The morning had started early, with a trip to the roof of my building to watch the super blue blood moon. I cried as I realized my dad would never see a blue moon, much less a full moon, ever again. These thoughts come unbidden, and I let them roll through me and over me, wait for the next one. Now while I’m waiting, I can think on that magnificent violin soaring through its notes.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sandy says:

    such a great experience!!

  2. I’m happy you enjoyed the Symphony. It sure had some awesome music by John Williams!

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