NPM – 29 of 30

So, I only have 3 more days to post 1 more poem (after this one) for my 2017 national poetry month poems, and then it starts all over again on April 1 for 2018. I had forgotten that I wrote this silly little piece in New Mexico. It was based on an improv exercise we did. One at a time, each of us had to silently act out an activity. For example, the leader, Jill, acted out that she was putting on a pair of wings and flying. Then the next person had to follow her lead, doing the same thing, and then transition to their own thing. And on and on until everyone had participated. It was actually fun, if not a little intimidating after seeing how creative some people were, to come up with what I was going to do. After the exercise, we were asked to write a brief poem about why we chose the action we had. This poem is one example of my own surprise at writing somewhat humorous work. Enjoy!

Always on the Sunny Side

I discovered something as an adult
that made me feel somewhat sad
there was a version in my repertoire
still not perfected
and there was always the family favorite
which I routinely prepared when ready
but never that
no never that
maybe it was a texture element
or my fear of the unknown
but then one day
while creating something new
I discovered that thing
that had eluded me for so long
why had I denied myself so long?
what could I possibly have been afraid of?
that delicate outside
that ooey gooey golden middle
I fell in love with the fried egg


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  1. I didn’t know that! 🙂

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