NPM – 30 of 30

So I’ll admit that I’m fudging a little bit here. I wrote something new last night, and I thought I would post it here. But I’m not quite ready to have it be seen. So I’m going to post this other piece I wrote in New Mexico. It’s an ‘identity’ poem where you consider memories you have about your childhood and then create an “I am” list poem from those memories. I took this exercise pretty literally. I don’t consider it finished, but that’s okay. Enjoy!

I Am

I am Pepita & Ricardo
Opal & Marshall
Josefa & Alonzo
I am a weeping willow
producing cover & loveliness
I am pancakes on Sunday morning
I am finer than frog hair and twice as prickly
I am Idaho farmland & Mediterranean Sea
I am Spaghetti-Os
and Pizza Hut pork pan pizza every Thursday night
I am toy poodle fur
I am a waterbed
I am green plants in crocheted hangers
I am a set of encyclopedias
I am separate yet part of a unit
I am calling out a number as I
throw the football high in the air
to the crowd of neighborhood kids


One Comment Add yours

  1. Sandy says:

    I like it a lot!

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