Happy National Poetry Month! 1 of 30

Here we are again, friends! I have some prompts lined up for myself, so hopefully, I’ll be able to keep up, if not with complete poems, with fragments of some that I can work on at later points.

But here’s one I started yesterday. I don’t think it’s quite done, but it’s something.

Gaslamp in the Morning

it’s quiet but in a city way

garbage trucks make their rounds
collecting the trash of urban dwellers
who just throw it down a chute,
who don’t have to walk their bins
to the curb, the trucks beep like a symphony

construction cranes take up nearly whole streets
and workers do their jobs in cavernous spaces
and small building, making the plans of
someone’s dreams come true – the next new
restaurant or retail store – while the dreams of
another fall away in piles of plaster & drywall

the cleaning crews take over the bars & grills,
hotels & t-shirt shops, washing windows,
mopping floors, washing down sidewalks
to kill the stink of last night’s vomit
before the afternoon crowds start taking up space

trucks full of food and alcohol
double park to unload their deliveries
the sustenance that will be consumed
by locals & tourists alike, unaware of the
work that went into getting in on their plates
and in their glasses

police stake out a city block to purge
the sidewalks of unsheltered people
arresting them and piling their belongings
on the curbs, ready for the gaping maw
of the garbage trucks


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  1. Sandy says:

    I love it when you post!

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