NPM – 2 of 30

Lung Point

I discovered a bruise about a month ago
when I pulled my shirt off
at the end of the day

I was surprised when I saw it
by its darkness, by its shape –
a narrow horizontal oval
on my upper left bicep

I touched it, but there was no pain
I thought back to what
could have caused it

I realized I’d had an acupuncture
needle in that spot earlier, but
it was curious because
I’ve never bruised before

a couple days ago, at my appointment
I explained the bruise
I had already reconciled it
as some anomaly, nothing significant

then she told me that had been
a new point she had placed,
the lung point, also known as
the grief point

a beat passed

in that space, the mental movie
of losing my dad just under 3 months before
flashed through my brain

I look at the spot on my arm
where the bruise had been
I brush my skin with my finger

I never considered that
grief could manifest
as a marker on my skin
a temporary tattoo
of my sadness


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  1. I remember your telling me about that mark…

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