NPM – 5 of 30

Lift Team

the day he came home, he told them to put him in his recliner in the living room
it was early evening
Mom made him something to eat then she & I listened to the nurse
when he was ready for bed
Mom & I each got on a side, put an arm underneath his armpit and lifted

the next day, in the morning, getting him from bed, it worked the same way
I went to get my sister from the airport
that night, when he was ready for bed, she took over for my mom
it was late
on either side of him, we lifted him to his feet, waited ’til he was steady enough to walk

he started calling us his lift team
whenever he needed to get from his bedroom to the living room or back again
he called for us
the lift team had several members, but it was always just two at a time to do the lift
wait until he was ready to walk, then one ahead and one behind as he moved

as the days passed, and family members had to go home, had to attend to their lives
my sister & I stayed with our mom & dad to attend to his dying
we noticed how much heavier he was getting
as the fluid that was usually flushed out
through dialysis remained in his body

before long, we couldn’t lift him
after the paramedics were called to move him
we knew he’d have to stay in his room
we knew we’d have to tell him
but in a way that we all thought it was a good thing
we were the lift team


3 Comments Add yours

  1. It seems like yesterday and also like it was a long time ago. And so I wept again reading it.

  2. Sandy says:

    These poems about Dad bring my memories of that time back so vividly. My throat tightens and my eyes leak and it sometimes takes everything I have in me not to bawl out loud. Keep ’em coming.

  3. Adam says:

    My mind brings the words to life, you arrange them wonderfully so.

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