NPM – 7 of 30

This prompt was: write someone you love a proper heaven

a proper heaven

for you, Jeffrey Joe,
the sun shines
all the time and falls
perfectly across your table
of course, there is music
the guests who grace
your kitchen are people
whose music you’ve always
played, Hoagy Carmichael,
Nat King Cole, Hank Williams,
and whoever else wanders by

you are light on your feet
and have no pain
the true love you have for Carina
pulses from your big ol’ heart
so that she feels it
when you need her to,
when she needs to feel it

for you, Cathy,
a never-empty palette
and every vista
you’ve ever loved
Torrey pines, Penasquitos lagoon,
the road to Santa Ysabel
and so many more
you cruise to them all
with your silver Airstream
set up your easel
with the light always right

you never feel tired
and you have no pain
you’ve got little Peanut
with you riding shotgun
your evening star
is ever shining
and all is right with the world

for you, Dad,
days that are neither too hot
or too cold, but perfect for
sitting in the patio swing
to watch the birds, hear the chimes
you’ve reunited with your
parents and other loved ones
and you’re able to indulge
in all the watermelon Dad Moore
ever planted, tasty and big
listening to Grand Ol’ Opry

or maybe it’s a long, straight
road in Montana with you
in the driver’s seat of your
18-wheeler, Willie Nelson
on the radio, your left arm
hanging out the window
honking the air horn to little
kids who give you the signal
shades on, but no glare
and never an empty tank

or maybe it’s at the starting line
of a drag strip, you in the
driver’s seat of your 1958
B Gasser that you rebuilt yourself
clear sky of a summer night
rumble of the motor as
you get the green light
fly down the raceway
always get the checkered flag

your body is whole & healthy
and you have no pain
you are surrounded by family & pets
who love you, who welcomed you
to your new home. You have
perfect vantage point to see us,
and, like always, you are proud
of your girls.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sandy says:

    Damn girl! You got a big ol’ heart so full of love to imagine perfect heavens like these.

  2. josefa says:

    That’s what heaven is like…

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