NPM – 15 of 30

Dream Dictionary

Teacup – represents gossip, if the cup is empty you are doing the talking. If it’s full, people are dipping your bag, so to speak.

Hammer – represents heartbreak, its final blows to your already damaged love muscle make sure its beating will never be the same.

Seagull – represents a co-worker you dislike, the squawking and scavenging for food makes it a dead ringer.

Ballet slipper – represents your determination, it might make you bleed, but you’ll rise to the top

Shark – represents grief, a giant, sometimes dangerous, thing that mostly floats by but sometimes takes a bite

Wobbly table – represents a nagging chore on your to-do list, it will keep bugging you until you take care of it

Rowboat – represents sex, right?


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