NPM – 19 of 30


I reach for him almost every night
a relic from my childhood
he’s never left my side

with an unimaginative name
and nothing really cuddly about him
he is still my comfort

when I was little and had amassed
a menagerie of stuffed animals
a coven of dolls
my mother thought of an idea
to help keep my room clean

she sewed Velcro onto the backs
of my animals’ and dolls’ heads
and stapled the Velcro counterpart
to my bedroom wall so that I
could easily adhere them to the wall
at night to keep the floor clear

how I wish I had a photo of that wall
my animals and dolls mounted
suspended as if in mid-air, glassy eyes
open and staring into the darkness
a scene from Baby’s First Taxidermy kit

I couldn’t tell you what became of all
those toys, except the one, somehow
Teddy has withstood the test of time
through the move to California, through
college, and all of my subsequent moves
around San Diego, he’s been there

I no longer have a Velcro piece on my wall
for him to hang on – instead he nestles in my bed
curves into my arm when I bring him close
this sweet little bear that reminds me of
a hometown that is small, that helped chase
away my nightmares of fires, that always
takes my side and handles whatever
weight I put on him


2 Comments Add yours

  1. josefa says:

    It made me happy to read about Teddy, he’s been a constant in your life, as Gosset is to Sandy. I so remember the wall of hanging stuffed animals 🙂 and that was before Pinterest!

  2. Sandy says:

    It’s true. Teddy is not really a snuggly bear but he’s a good friend. He has also withstood the test of time much better than sweet Guset. I still have him. He lives in a drawer so no one can hurt him.

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