Vacation – day 4: Inverness => Dornoch => Ullapool=> Loch Ness => Loch Lomond => Glasgow

Posting this one around 5 pm on day 5: having lots of internet issues so unable to upload photos to this post except to the featured image which is Loch Lomond.


What a day!

Unfortunately, I had trouble sleeping in the very cool apartment. Couldn’t fall asleep until midnight or so, then woke up early (6:30 am). I read, looked at social media, fell asleep again for a bit. We got moving and left the place around 10:30 am headed for trusty McDonald’s for breakfast. Alas, the all-day breakfast hasn’t made it over here yet, so we had a very early lunch and got on the road north into the Highlands.

Barbara had chosen a new route over one she’d taken before to be able to see a different part of the country. Since I had nothing to compare it to, that was fine with me. However, we both were kind of disappointed with the scenery: a bunch of farmland, which, granted, was green and full of sheep and their baby lambs, but not very scenic.

We arrived in Dornoch, though, and proclaimed it all worth it. Dornoch is a wee village on the North Sea coast, full of old stone churches & houses, and even a small castle. We stopped and got some coffee at a place called Cocoa Mountain. One of their specials was a Mountain Mocha Chaser which meant a mocha and 2 of their chocolates. I took that deal. The chocolates I selected were dark chocolate raspberry and dark chocolate ginger. The mocha was delicious as were the chocolates which I had later in the journey.

The original plan was to double back to Inverness and then head down to the lochs. But after talking to the nice girls at the coffee place, we decided to head west to Ullapool. We got a small country road, and we were immediately glad we’d changed course. The scenery got more lovely and we just enjoyed the drive.

There’s really not much to tell, though, about this section of the drive. The scenery changed a lot, and it was all pretty grand, but hard to photograph. Consider the fields, plains, and meadows of Yellowstone, the tranquil beauty of Lake Tahoe, and the desolate volcano fields of Washington, then place it all in the Highlands of Scotland. It was all truly beautiful and quite lovely.

We stopped at Loch Ness to use the WC, but it was pretty touristy there. I skipped buying any souvenirs. The loch itself is nice, really big. We stopped at a hotel to have a late lunch. It was okay. I had a burger and chips.

Then it was on to Loch Lomond, saving the best for last. We were driving through in the gloaming. It was fresh from rain. The forest-lined road had tons of mossy stone walls and small waterfalls cutting through periodically. The road was closer to the loch and it was all a bit more compact, not that Loch Lomond is small, just everything felt more contained. It sometimes truly felt like we were driving through an enchanted forest. I just loved it.

After that, it was time to head into Glasgow. We had planned to stay there on Thursday and Friday night, but it was open for tonight as well, so we’ll be in the same AirBnB for 3 nights which is quite lucky. We arrived at the 2 bedroom flat, tired and hungry, around 9:15 pm. We then tried to find a place that was still open to get some food. We got back in the car and tried to find a KFC, couldn’t locate it even using Google maps, but found another place that had good reviews (called MacDonner’s) and got something there to ‘take away.’

The apartment we’re staying in only has street parking so we had a bit of trouble finding something when we returned, but someone left and we were able to take their spot. Thankfully, the food we ordered was quite good. It’s hard to mess up chicken tenders and fries.

Tomorrow night will be back to the tour for Barbara so during the day we’ll probably lounge a bit, I have to buy some distilled water for my machine, and that’s really all that’s on the agenda until the show in Stirling. Until then!


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