Vacation – day 6: Allandale => Glasgow

I woke up when I rolled off the twin bed and nearly crashed to the floor. It was around 8 am. Thinking back, I really can’t say how I didn’t knock my head on the side table. I was somehow able to wake up midair and think to put my foot down to stop myself from landing flat on my ass. It was a rather rude and embarrassing way to wake up! Plus I’d been having a dream about doing laundry with my dad. No idea what that might mean, but it sure was nice to see him.

Barbara was up shortly after, and she ran to the co-op to get some powder (aka laundry detergent). After she got back and got her laundry in the wash, we went downstairs for takeaway breakfast. I had a very typical Scottish breakfast of a bacon roll, which is basically a very soft bread bun that is buttered and then has bacon in it. The bacon here is more like what Americans would consider Canadian bacon, but I enjoyed it just the same.

Good news! We got a full refund from the AirBnB in Glasgow! Plus a $25 credit! That was wonderful to hear this morning.

After breakfast, we lounged. Partly because we didn’t get to do that yesterday and partly because we were both a bit tired. I wrote the day 5 blog post. Barbara worked on logistics for her upcoming dates as well as a couple dates she will have off this week. She’s going to Wales for her days off. She rented what looks like an amazing AirBnB that seems like it’s straight out of a fairytale. After that, we kind of went about our own late mornings. I read in the living room (aka lounge) and fell asleep for a bit. She went back to bed for a bit. We talked about maybe going for a drive, and I thought about maybe taking a walk, but neither thing happened which was just fine.

Close to 2 pm, we went back down to the takeaway and got a couple toasties. Those are basic toasted sandwiches. We both got ham and cheese. It was simple and delicious. I also had a bag of crisps (potato chips). There are some interesting crisps flavors including cheese & onion and prawn cocktail. I opted for ready salted. During lunch, B brought in her laptop so I could revel in the glory of a TV show she loves here called First Dates. (She admittedly loves bad television). For reality TV, it’s not bad. Singles go to a restaurant (that apparently only exists for this show) to meet up for a first date with other singles they’ve been matched with. The show checks in on a number of couples from when they meet in the bar area and throughout their meal. At the end, they meet up on a little set and say whether they want to see each other again. It was strangely compelling.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty lazy: reading, looking at social media, staring out the window at the greenest green fields in the fog. We got ready to leave around and took off around 5:30 pm to head back to Glasgow for B’s gig.

This one took us to a different part of Glasgow, the proper downtown area. It was much more familiar to me in that it was the actual city, with some high rises, etc. The gig was right across the street from Glasgow’s Central Station. Luckily, we found parking about a block away which was spectacular. The gig was at a place called Vine & Canvas that is owned by an American woman named Heather that Barbara knows from back when she lived in Virginia Beach. Heather is married to Derrick, a Glaswegian (that’s what people from Glasgow are called!). Vine & Canvas is one of those drink wine and paint places that are pretty popular in the U.S. She’s had the place open a little less than a year and seems to be doing well. It’s a really neat space! Here’s a shot from the window of it of Central Station:

Before the show started, Barbara, Derrick & I walked into that street right under the Central Station sign to get an early dinner. We all got chicken wraps, think of a middle eastern place like the Kebab Shop that has the meat on a cylinder that they shave off. I got mine with chicken, spring mix lettuce, tomatoes, yellow & green peppers, cheese, and garlic sauce. It was very yummy. I hadn’t realized how hungry I was until I started in on it.

Joining Barbara tonight were the same two guys from the previous night, John and Malcolm. John opened the show with a few tunes and then Barbara started around 9:30 pm. The event was BYOB, plus Heather & Derrick had plenty of beer, wine, and Prosecco to go around. The guests that came in all brought wine and happily chatted through much of the show, but they also listened and got up and danced a bit. Heather was very nice, and her love for Barbara was very apparent. With each song, she was crying tears of joy. She had a few of her regular patrons in attendance, and they sweetly made a little fun of her because it seriously was every song. Here’s a shot of Barbara & Malcolm:

Barbara finished up her set by around 11 pm or so. We lingered a bit so she could chat with the folks and sell a couple CDs. We helped Malcolm load out and said our goodbyes. We were going to see him again tomorrow for the gig in St. Andrews, but Barbara decided to cancel that gig because her throat is pretty sore. The gig tomorrow is in a pretty loud pub where the music is not really the focus so although she absolutely hates to do it, she thought it would be best to salvage her voice a bit for the rest of the tour by taking tomorrow off.

Derrick walked us to where we’d parked (“This is Glasgow, y’know,” he said). Surprise, we were hungry again, so we routed our way to the nearest and only place that’s open late here: McDonald’s. We missed a turn somewhere but we ended up going by a beautiful cathedral that looked amazing. I think I’d definitely like to come back to Glasgow to get a better idea of its offerings.

We made our way to the McDonald’s drive-thru and headed back to the flat in Allandale. We ate our food, debriefed the evening, talked about tomorrow, and then got ready for bed.

We already have an AirBnB in Methil for tomorrow which is near St. Andrews where her gig was going to be. But instead of the gig, we’re heading that way to see what we can see. It’s in the council area of Fife. Methil itself is on the coast. Excited for the next chapter in this Scottish adventure!


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  1. josefa says:

    Love to read about your adventures and look at the pictures. Good job 🙂

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