Vacation – day 7: Allandale => Falkirk => Doune => Falkland => St. Andrews => Methil

Another great day in Scotland! I didn’t fall out of the bed so it already started better! I took a shower and leisurely got my bag packed up. Barbara asked for an extra hour before check out so it was no big hurry. We got our breakfast rolls, sausage for me this time, and coffee and went to the flat to plan our day. The plan was basically to head to the eastern coast seeing what we could see along the way.

From our flat in Allandale, we headed to see the Falkirk Wheel, a bit of an engineering marvel that really made me want to talk to my dad about it. I think he would have really gotten a kick out of it.

We were only there briefly, then we headed off to see our first castle: Doune Castle in Doune. You might recognize it as it has been used in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, as well as episodes of Game of Thrones and Outlander. We weren’t willing to pay for the audio tour, but we got some photos of it and headed on.

After that, we wove our way through some amazingly gorgeous countryside: rolling green hills spotted with sheep and cows, sunny blue sky poking through grey clouds, and distant castles. My goodness, it was stunning. I took this one as we drove by. Not bad!

Our next stop was a village called Falkland that looked like it could be thriving as is in the 15th century. Here we stopped for a bit of lunch. Barbara had Cullen skink and I had some chips. Then we got mochas to takeaway and walked through the town a bit. The sunshine brought people out of their houses to do yard work or sit on benches soaking up the rays.

After a quick stop for gas, we headed on to one of the most famous areas of Scotland, St. Andrews – where the first ever golf course is, home of the British Open. Like going through the Highlands, we were more about quantity than quality. I mean, consider how much of Scotland I’ve actually gotten to see! But St. Andrews is exceptional. I would love to spend more time there, really soaking it in.

We drove through the town and first saw the ruins in the top left, then the top right and the bottom shot are of St. Andrews Castle. Man, it was a beautiful day.

Now, I’m not that into golf, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get my picture with Swilcan Bridge. Barbara turned her hazards on and I jumped the measly fence and ran on to the course. Barbara said that people were watching me and pointing, but when we had driven by, I saw other people doing the same thing. As I was doing it, it felt super illegal, but you’d think that if it was that much of an issue, they’d have people there (or even signs) to tell you not to do it. Anyway, Barbara stayed in the car and snapped these shots (she had several of me running out to the bridge, but I deleted the series except these):

After St. Andrews, we skirted down the coast just admiring the views and oohing and aaahing over the quaint villages as we made our way to our next AirBnB in Methil. Now remember, Barbara was supposed to play in St. Andrews tonight but she canceled on account of her throat & voice hurting pretty bad from singing so much. So she’d booked this one as a utilitarian base, a place to sleep and that’s about it. Well, Methil itself, and this neighborhood we’re in, leave much to be desired. The flat itself is okay, but one thing about it is there were so many types of fragrance devices, it made us both almost gag from the warring scents going on. In the living alone, there were 5 different ‘smell-good’ items (vanilla candles, scented beads, vanilla diffuser, potpourri, and more candles). In the upstairs bigger room, there was a vase of lilies (just past their prime) and a cherry blossom diffuser. In the kitchen, there was a spray contraption, a cinnamon candle, more scented beads, and a rotting banana (not meant to be there for good scents, haha). We ended up putting everything in a closet downstairs, and I moved all the offensive smelling things into the smaller bedroom upstairs. Barbara’s sleeping on the pull-out couch downstairs because it has a firm mattress.

We walked about 1/2 mile into another area of town for dinner. I swear half this town looks deserted, then there’s this cute little cafe called Base where we split a yummy margherita pizza and chips. We walked back (uphill!) and proceeded to watch a couple episodes of First Dates (I think I misspoke yesterday, it’s a British show, not Scottish) while I planned our route for tomorrow. We’ll catch a few more castles on the way into Edinburgh, check in to our last AirBnB, and hopefully, Barbara will be feeling well enough to sing. Until then!


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  1. josefa says:

    Sounds lovely, and the weather has been good ! I like Scotland 🙂

  2. Sandy says:

    I love everything about this post.

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