A song moment

“…and tomorrow’s bound to be a better day
and I’ll start over, and I’ll find my way
yeah, yeah, it’s good to be alive
I’m still feeling kinda sad, yeah
but it’s good to be alive”
– Cathryn Beeks
Good to Be

It happened on my way home from work. This song came up on my stereo. I’ve always loved this song, this singing woman, but man, did I need to hear it today. From the first notes, I surprised myself when I burst into tears. I happy/sad cried and sang my balls off as I drove home, and it was so very good. I texted a shot of the stereo screen to her so she would know that I was thinking of her and that she was loved.

While I know I’m not all the way out of it yet, this song sure helped me out today, as did reaching out to her to tell her so. If there’s anything I’ve learned through my personal issues, I know that it helps to talk, to reach out to others, to share whatever you’re willing to let go of at the moment. Often, the other person is feeling the same or has felt the same or is about to feel the same. You don’t want them to fix it or make you feel better, you want them to hear you, to understand. It’s hard to do (for sure!) and may take some time, but ultimately, it’s the way through.


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  1. Meiji Zapico says:

    That’s both such a sad and beautiful experience. I’m so glad to hear that music has helped you out very much. And it’s true about sharing out our problems, it’s not that we actually want others to fix it for us, but rather, just to have someone who understands. That is enough to give us slight relief even if the problem’s not yet gone.

  2. Cathryn says:

    You are such a gift to the world, Lizzie. I honor our friendship and I learn so much from you, from your grace. Thank you Sweet sister.

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