one good reason to have an intimate partner

I’m sure there is more than one reason, but in my last two solo years, I have been hard-pressed to identify a solid reason to share life with an intimate partner. Until earlier this week.

I was in the shower doing what one does. In the process of soaping myself up, I felt what seemed like a large bump on my backside. And not to be too crass, but it was, unfortunately, near the crack of my ass. And that’s when it hit me. One good reason to have an intimate partner is to have that other person look at these weird things that you yourself, unless you happen to live professionally as a member of Cirque de Soleil, can not possibly see on your own body.

Of course, for some, it would still be slightly embarrassing to ask a lover to get up close & personal in the light of day to check out a…what? Bug bite? Scratch? Hemorrhoid? Horrific!

Alas, I did not have the option, so I did my best Cirque de Soleil impression and even tried to photograph it with my phone, which was in itself, comedy. I have determined it’s a bite of some kind. It’s not itchy, and its size has diminished over the last few days. Crisis averted, but really, it’s the first time I’ve found myself wishing there was someone in my life to ask to look at it. Maybe that’s not the way I should be creating criteria for a potential mate, but that’s where we are.


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  1. Josefa Perello Wann says:

    I chuckled reading your post! but I agree with you 🙂 I hope the bump is gone away>

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