Cambria (and NPM 26 of 30)

I’ve had a few days to process and distill my feelings from the recent judiciary hearings. But before I post about that, I’ll tell you about what I did last week.

Oh, but wait, before that, let me give you an update from my last post. The unknown anomaly on my rear end has dissipated/disappeared, even without it being seen by anyone, including my mom who was more than willing to have a look. I realize that she’s my mom and that shouldn’t be weird, but I couldn’t bring myself to do that. No offense, Mom, truly. I know you don’t understand, and I can’t really explain, but it just wasn’t something I was willing to do.

Okay, so good things. Mom & I went to Cambria! We left on Sunday, 9/23, with Lulu the dog in tow and made our way to the central coast of California. The Google map I used suggested a strange route, which we later learned, would have been fine, but we defied it and all was well. When we arrived, it was cold and foggy, but eventually, the fog cleared in time for the sunset, and it was all just very fucking pleasant.


We went to dinner, also with the dog, first to a restaurant that said they allowed dogs but clearly didn’t. I was super uncomfortable so we left. We went to another place that had a patio and was happy to have Lulu. That evening was nice, the food was pretty good, and there was a live musician.

On Monday, unfortunately, I had to work 😦
A BIG project’s tentative deadline was moved to Monday, 9/24 so my department had to be ready to publish a bunch of content that day. That information became a reality just the week before so I had worked 12-hour days Wednesday-Friday, plus some hours on Saturday. So Monday, we still had some stuff to do, and I had to be available to review it, etc. So while I was able to take 30-45 minutes here and there to walk with Mom and Lulu, the majority of the day was spent on the computer. At least that allowed Mom to walk on the beach to gather rocks and search for moonstones while Lulu stayed with me (no dogs allowed on the beach and can’t leave dogs alone in the room). We did go out to lunch and then drive to the elephant seal rookery which was cool. But then, of course, the “go” at work was not given on Monday so, I won’t say it was for naught because we are ready, but still. That evening, we were able to take a walk, and I saw some other seals, lounging in the evening light on some rocks. It felt very special. That night we went to a Mexican restaurant that had yummy carnitas but lacked a bit in the patio décor (unlike the restaurant from the night before).

Some photos from Monday:

On Tuesday, it was more work and taking a conference call in the morning, but then we went into town and visited Spellbound, a little herb and garden shop that enchanted me.


Then we went to Cayucos for lunch at Duckie’s: clam chowder for Mom and fish & chips for me. Yum! We went to the Brown Butter Cookie Company (again, we’d stopped there on the way in), then we headed south for a bit until I had to take another conference call. We sat in a parking lot in San Luis Obispo for an hour while I listened. Oh well. By then, it was 4 pm and we had about 4 hours to drive to get home. I took a random little route that was at times beautiful and other times desolate, but it was fun to see that part of California that we’ll probably never see again.

Wednesday, I worked from Mom’s house, then drove home that night. Overall, it was a nice trip, but it certainly didn’t feel like a vacation for me. The way I describe it to people at work is that I worked and also drove 700 miles. But the bits of time I was able to get out and feel the sun, drive into town, hang with Mom, were all good. She definitely enjoyed it and wasn’t put out that I had to work which is good.

Here’s something I wrote today about the trip, thanks to a prompt from my pal, Lindsay, which was to write about something seasonal or temperature-based.


fog rolled in across Pacific
rode silently with each wave
to shore, up dune, to surround
our hotel in ghostliness that
made me remember we were
a week into autumn

what an afterthought
weather seems to me these days
my childhood days of Idaho snow & wind
obliterated by near constant San Diego sunlight

but that central California fog
that chilled air burrowed into
my skin, brought thoughts of
witches casting spells as haunting
calls of gulls cut through breeze

small town placed like a setting
out of my favorite type of book,
a little magic, a little ordinary,
a little love, a little death
offered exactly what we needed
memories of a healthy husband & father
listening to different tones of chimes
walking boardwalk with scarf
cinched around his neck


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sandy says:

    Great post! Loved the photo of you, Mom and Lulu at the garden store and that poem…sublime.

  2. Josefa Perello Wann says:

    Love the poem, the pictures and your take on our short vacation. I loved it!

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