November is upon us

Well, as I predicted in my last post, Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to be a Supreme Court justice. And the midterm elections are on Tuesday which should prove to be very interesting. I have voted absentee for a number of years now. I’ve sent my ballot in already and have verified that it was received by the registrar. We shall see what happens!

It’s weird to consider that the Kavanaugh vote was less than a month ago. It feels more like 6 or 8 weeks ago. And the shit that’s happened since then is really complete madness. From a deadly limo crash in New York to the president’s administration trying to define transgender out of existence. Then a terrifying series of unrelated events. A shooting of two black people at a grocery store near Louisville, Kentucky after the shooter was denied access to a predominantly black church nearby. Then a total of 14 pipe bombs were sent to prominent Democratic politicians and critics of the administration. Thankfully, none of the bombs detonated. The suspect was arrested, and the information available about him has said he was supportive of the president and had a ‘hit list.’ The day after that guy was arrested, another man entered a synagogue and killed 11 people attending service. It was reported that he was shouting slurs at the people as he shot them, and then doing the same thing to the Jewish doctor who treated him at the hospital. Oh, and then there was the president’s pronouncement that he was going to end birthright citizenship which is part of the 14th amendment.

It’s all so heartbreaking and scary.

So here’s some good things that happened. Barbara came to town for a show so I got to hang out with her for a bit which is always good. My mama and I went to Disneyland and had a blast.


Last weekend, I was in a show at my friend Cathryn’s place that went well although we all wished more people had attended. On Sunday night, I went to see another friend’s show in Carlsbad that was good.

And of course, yesterday was Halloween. My boss and I decided to go as Doc Brown and Marty McFly. I think we pulled it off pretty good, but when we weren’t next to each other no one was quite sure what we were.

Now it’s November, which means my birthday (going to see “Wicked”) and Thanksgiving (Mom is coming down here) and whatever else happens in between. Until next time!

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