10 months and other things

Today is 10 months since my dad died. 10 MONTHS! I get flashes of those last 2 ½ weeks, and I feel like there’s no way I can function. But I am starting to think about times before he was sick, and I cherish those memories, even the ones that are not so pleasant like when he was teaching me to drive and was not cool about it.

There are good days that make me feel bad for not feeling sad. There are bad days that make me think I’ll never get over it. There are good days that I’m glad for. There are bad days that just are bad. I try to let these days happen.
Since I’m on kind of a depressing vibe, here are two more fucked up things that happened in the world. In fact, this first thing was big news until the weekend of horror here in the U.S. It’s so horrific, I don’t even want to discuss it, but I’ll just say Jamal Khashoggi was taken before his time.

The other thing is that there was another shooting yesterday in Florida, by a guy who was a misogynistic, racist “incel.” He killed himself after killing two women and injuring four others.
In other news, all day long and into the night across the street at Park at the Park has been this concert festival. It is loud. There is also a lot of flashing lights.

I got everything done on my to-do list today (yay for Saturday!), and I’m again ready for bed (it’s 9:14 pm y’all). Tonight we “fall back” an hour so we get more sleeping time, but it will be dark much earlier now which sucks.

Until tomorrow!


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