I’m so bad at this

This being NaBloPoMo which is National Blog Posting Month which is November which means posting on your blog every day of the month. Haha.

I had written down on my list of to-dos for the day, and I had every intention to do it. I got home from work, went for a walk, made dinner and watched some TV (“The Good Place”). When I woke up on the couch, I decided to go to bed. Do not collect $300. Do not pass go. I didn’t even brush my teeth.

People, it was only 9:16 pm. Your girl was tired!

By the way, to my sister, you need to get better at searching because I found stuff about NaBloPoMo. It’s still a thing, though maybe not as prominent as it once was.

So about last night. It trips me out how I was able to go for an hour walk, make dinner, watch TV (probably 4 1/2 episodes of TGP), and fall asleep by 9:30 pm. I stuffed a lot into that time. Other days, it seems there’s not enough time after work to do all that. What’s the difference? Attitude? Just doing it? Efficiency? Of course, I didn’t do everything I had on my to-do list, but that’s okay. My days are pretty free-form as it is, so things on a list are just things I should get to at some point, though I try not to put them off too much.

Yesterday (the day I was supposed to write about this), I sent emails to my mom and sister about our upcoming holiday plans. I think everything will be great. For Thanksgiving, I’m bringing my mom down here for a couple days. I made reservations for us at Island Prime for Thanksgiving day. They have a pretty spectacular menu planned for the day, plus it’s a great view. Neither of us have been there, and it seems like a great way to spend the meal portion of the day. Friday, we’ll hang out, go for walks, whatever we want, then Saturday, we’ll head back to LM, maybe meeting up with a friend or two on the way.

Then in December, man, we have plans. We’ll fly to SLC, then we’ll go with my sister to Savannah for my mom’s birthday! Then back to SLC for Christmas. We’ll come back to LM after that, then we still have to figure out new year’s. I think I’d like my mom to be here with me. I keep telling myself it’s so she won’t be alone in the house around the anniversary time of Dad’s death, but I think it’s more so won’t be alone. Well, we’ll figure it out.

But before all of that comes my birthday. I’ll be 47 which completely blows my mind. I’ll be taking the day off. No special plans for the day, but that night I’m taking myself to see “Wicked,” and I’m so excited about it. I saw the play a number of years ago (couldn’t find the post to link to, it’s hard to search this blog).

I’ll write again later tonight to keep things on track!

p.s. The photo is from the trip Mom & I took to Cambria.


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  1. Sandy says:

    I did find the link you posted but I couldn’t tell if it was current or something from back in the day.

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