can you resist a high five?

Apparently I can’t.

On my evening walk through downtown San Diego tonight, I was just going about my business. I was not smiling. In fact, the last two evenings, I’ve been, how can I say, in my head, maybe more than usual. I try to keep present, but memories swarm and thoughts of what my unknown future holds fly in. I feel like if I just keep walking, something will work itself out, but it hasn’t happened yet. The good thing is that I’m walking. The bad thing is I still feel restless.

Anyway, I’m walking down, I think I was on 6th and just past Broadway, when a group of about 6 or 7 people were walking past me. There’s a convention in town, and I’ve seen many people enjoying America’s Finest City, lanyards hanging around their necks. I wonder where they are all from. I think some are from other countries.

As the group was almost past me, the last person, a guy, came around a girl in the group and quickly said, “High five!” and put up his hand. Without really thinking about it, I high fived him and kept walking. No other words were exchanged. I didn’t laugh or turn back around. He didn’t try to prolong the interaction. He continued on with the group, and I continued on my way, now with these thoughts of this random high five from a stranger.

There had a split second when I considered not high fiving him, but then, just as quickly came, “Why not?” There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, and no matter what you’re doing, it pumps you up, even if it’s just for a moment.

Now that I think about it, I high fived both of the people who report to me on Tuesday before I left for the day because they’d both done some good work that day. Maybe this was the universe repaying me a little bit.

I’ll take it, universe. High five!

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