Last night, there was another mass shooting. FUCK!

This one happened at a bar & grill in Thousand Oaks CA where they were having college country night. A former Marine walked in and started shooting. The first policeman on scene was shot and died later of his wounds at the hospital. The shooter ended up killing 12 people and also killed himself.

From what I saw in the news today, no motive is known.

There are already several heart-wrenching stories coming out of this horrific tragedy, but the one I can’t quite fathom is about this guy:

Telemachus Orfanos (Via Facebook)

Telemachus ‘Tel’ Orfanos. In October 2017, Tel was at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas when that nut-job fired on the crowd from his room at Mandalay Bay killing 58 people. Tel survived that traumatic event. He lived. Until last night. He was shot and killed in his hometown.

I mourn this man I didn’t know, as well as all the others who were taken from this world in such a violent, atrocious way last night. Just as I did for the people who were killed in the grocery store, the synagogue, the school(s), the movie theater, the church, and all the other places (for there are more) where these brutal murders have taken place.

May their souls find peace. May their loved ones know strength. May we all resolve to do better.

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  1. Josefa Perello Wann says:

    It has shaken me to the core. Enough!

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