Book-reading Saturday

I got a notice that a couple books I had asked for were now available at the library. I had a pretty good amount left to read in my current book, and I didn’t want to check out any new books until I was done with it.

In the morning, I went to the little French cafe where I read a little and worked a little. I went home even though it was a remarkably nice day. I did some reading on the couch, on the balcony, in bed, then back to the couch until I finished.

Then I headed over to the library, returned it, and checked out the two that were waiting for me. I went and got some dinner (Kebab Shop) and headed back home.

On the way back, I saw a couple friends just for a brief moment before they caught their Uber, but it was super nice to get a couple hugs unexpectedly.


Last night, I went out to east county to see my pal, Lindsay, play a show. My friend from work lives out that way, so I stopped at his place before and chatted with his girls (partner and daughters), then he & I went to the bar. Lindsay was great as ever. I’ll be meeting up with her tomorrow morning for one of our writing sessions.


That’s all for today. Fairly mundane, but when you write everyday, it can’t always be fascinating 🙂

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  1. Sandy says:

    It’s just life!

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