Global Mourning (NPM 27 of 30)

Global Mourning

another shooting
another fire
another politician
throws thoughts & prayers
upon the pyre

cold’s getting colder
warm’s getter warmer
will the shouting
become a murmur
or will the rage sustain
until there’s a reformer

I want to keep safe
the people who
are erased
I want to be shelter
for those who
fear their protector

let’s bury the guns
before another one
wielded by
another white guy
kills for fun
or for hate
let’s eliminate
the industry
that arms bigotry

those ‘bad apple’ cops
afraid they won’t get the drop
so they shoot first
it can’t be reversed
another unarmed
brown or black man is harmed
another dream burst
another black hearse
another soul
to the universe

keep the press free
to report every atrocity
let the journalists write
and think for themselves
not stick to the party lines
or be compelled
to cover up corporations’ crimes

recognize the beauty in and of the world
the way a new language can get twirled
on your tongue, in your brain
the way different foods can taste
when you let your mind embrace
the adventure that is unfurled

fuck your white nationalism
fuck your ugly racism
fuck your domestic terrorism
I’ll create a life of global tourism
of dynamic feminism
of passionate egalitarianism
until the end notes of my lyricism

I mourn, I triumph
I grieve, I glory
I bleed, I laugh
I rejoice
I rejoice
I rejoice


One Comment Add yours

  1. Sandy says:

    Lizzie…love it

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