Better day

Shortly after I finished writing my post yesterday, my mom called. She shared that she had been triggered to grief the day before. It’s her story, so I’ll let her tell it if she wants, but we both agreed how unexpected it can be. We shed a few more tears then got on to other subjects like the plan for Thanksgiving. Thanks also to those who commented. I sincerely appreciate it.

I was thankfully able to get to sleep without incident last night. I woke up early to go get breakfast. I love getting to breakfast places early, before the rush. I can get the seat I want, etc.

This morning, I went to Spill the Beans. Their egg sandwich is pretty good, but the egg was way over cooked. I ate it anyway but made a note to put it at the bottom of the list again. I worked (which had been the plan for yesterday). Since I left early on Friday and am off tomorrow, I wanted to make sure things were in order. I worked efficiently and was happy with it.

I headed home by way of the little artisan market that gets set up on 5th between Market and Island. I stopped at A Little Nutty and bought some drunken pecans. Yum. I went home and sorted laundry, talked to my sister, then headed out again to catch a movie. I went to Horton Plaza which is nearly abandoned. I wonder how long the theaters will still be in operation. The property’s been sold, but I don’t know when the new construction will happen.

Anyway, I saw “Widows” with Viola Davis. I liked it. It was a heist-type movie with some twists. After the movie, I went to the grocery store to pick up some things for when my mom is here, plus a few things to take to my work potluck on Tuesday.

Now I’m home and in for the night, watching West Wing, doing laundry. I made a batch of sweet spicy mixed nuts for the potluck. An easy recipe. They’re supposed to be served warm, but another recipe I saw said that the longer they are in the seasoning mix, the better they are.

It’s only 6 pm but feels like 10. Maybe I’ll find a movie on Netflix to watch. Until tomorrow!

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