Catching up – Nov 20 & 21

Post birthday day was just fine. I went to work where we had a potluck planned for the holiday. The contribution I signed up for was whipped cream. But I also bought some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies because yum! Also, as I mentioned earlier, I made some seasoned nuts. I bought roasted unsalted mixed nuts from the grocery store. The mix contained cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, and maybe another one, Brazil nut? Anyway, I roasted them for a few minutes, then added them to a mixture of rosemary, brown sugar, chili powder (I didn’t have any cayenne), and melted butter. And I was right, they were good after sitting in that mixture. There wasn’t much left by the end of the day.

The potluck was pretty good. There was ham & turkey (from the leadership), other contributions were rolls, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, salad, meatballs, and pies a plenty: pumpkin and apple plus a spice cake and a pumpkin cheesecake. It was a right feast.

I worked til about 4:30 pm then headed home to clean up and pack. I left around 7:30 pm and went north to my mom’s house where we stayed up chatting ’til around midnight.

On Wednesday, 11/21, I worked from my mom’s house. It struck me at one point how magnificent technology is. My boss, David, had taken the day off. Another colleague had flown somewhere for the holiday. Another was working remotely from North Carolina, and another was in the office in San Diego. We all communicated by text, email, and an instant message service (Slack) and were able to work on a big project (remember that script I mentioned before where I submitted a poem? Well, they didn’t choose to go with my poem, but that’s what we were working on) together without missing a beat. It was really quite remarkable.

Around 3 pm, I called it a day (knocking off early had been previously cleared), then Mom and I went for linner (late lunch/early dinner) at Bistro 12Sixty, one of our go-to places. I had a sirloin dip that was very tasty. Mom had an artisan grilled cheese and soup. After that we relaxed a bit at home until traffic wasn’t too bad. We ended up leaving earlier than planned because the road south was very clear. The drive was very easy and we rolled in around 8 pm or so.

I took Lulu for a walk, and she fell easily into her role as city dog, peeing & pooping right on the sidewalks, haha. Mom and I watched some TV as I tried to explain how Apple TV works which was another LOL scenario. After the pathetic local TV news, we got ready for bed and hit our respective sacks.

Another post coming later today!

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