Xquisite Corpse

xquisite+corpse+colorBack in June 2018, I was invited to participate in this unique project. I was referred by my friend, Adrian, which was really nice. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I was in a place where I wanted to say yes to more opportunities so I agreed.

The Exquisite Corpse is an old parlor game, but as a poet, I’ve played it before. Basically, someone writes a few lines then folds down the paper until only the last line is visible then you pass it to the next writer who picks up the story or poem from that line. The end result is an interesting mix of creative expression. Artists have their own version, too, where someone would draw an image, then fold over part of it, and so on. This project is a combination of both ideas.

The way it was done was 4 writers (2 prose writers, 2 poets) contributed an excerpt of their work, then that piece was sent to an artist to create an original piece, then that art was sent to a writer, etc etc. So in June, I submitted three lines from one of my poems called ‘for Jeff Buckley’. In September, I got an image and I wrote a short stanza and sent it back. That was the last I heard until December.

Tonight was the opening of the exhibit, and it was so neat! The woman who curated the project set it up as four ‘threads,’ 2 prose and 2 poetry. I was in the 4th thread. Here are the photos of it:

This image was created from the lines from my Jeff Buckley poem by Alida Cervantes. Then Adrian created a stanza from this piece, and then a different artist, Julia San Roman, created a piece from the lines of Adrian. It’s the piece below which I then wrote a new stanza about:


Then from that stanza another artist, Anna Stump, created this image:


And to wrap up the thread, Adrian wrote a stanza to Anna’s art. SO COOL! What a cool thing to be part of, and an inspirational way to start the new year. It was fun to see some of my friends there like Barb & David, Alanna (who also had a piece in the show), and Keith. I was super happy that my friend, Lindsay, also came and took these shots of me next to my pieces. Yay!

The show is on display through the end of March at Bread & Salt in San Diego.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Josefa Perello Wann says:

    It seems like a great idea. adding art to the words.
    We used to do that when I was in school (about 59 years ago), fold the paper and write something and pass it to the next person and so forth. It didn’t have a name, it was just stuff we did in school when we were bored 🙂

  2. Sandy says:

    I like this! Wish I could see it.

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