NPM 28 & 29

My friend, Barbara, invited me to a songwriting group that she’s in. She’s in Austin, but the group “meets” on Facebook. The guy who started it posted 4 prompts, and people have 2 weeks to write, record, and upload their songs. She sent me the prompts in case I wanted to ‘audit’ the group. I missed the deadline for the 1st one, but the deadline for #2 was last night so I sat down when I got home from work, put some words down, then sent them to Barbara.

She posted them to the FB group (of which I am now a member). Her response was very favorable as was the comment from the group leader.

It felt good to write again. There come times when I think I won’t ever write anything again. Those aren’t good times, so I was glad these came. So now here they are. (And see if you can guess the titles of the last 2 prompts). 🙂

Row Your Boat

to stop is luxury
to have knowledge & privilege
to say, “I’m done”
not from mental anguish
not from your own hand

but when you’ve run your course
when you want to live
but the vessel is worn out
when your life flows behind you
& you see the ripples you’ve created

is extravagance
we all deserve

but there are accidents
there are sudden changes
in the body, in the boat

you should be able
to pull in those oars
when you’re ready
to leave the shell
you should have love
around you

we all deserve
this kind of indulgence

Gently Down the Stream

I gently down the stream of whiskey
feel it warm in my throat
then in my sternum
slowly down the beats of my heart
pulse away any irritations of the day
noises don’t sound as sharp
a filtered calm surrounds me
loosely down the cascade of hair
falls from its clip to brush my shoulders
reminds me I’m alive
reminds me of all that’s still to come


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sandy says:

    yes girl!!

  2. Josefa Perello Wann says:

    Keep on writing!

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