Day 4 – Austin

Today was an off day, and I made good use of it. I got up around 8 am and took a walk to the Starbucks. It was hot! But it was nice inside. On the way there, I walked along the main road which was busy and loud so on the way back I went through the neighborhood which was so much better. It was a nice way to start the day.

When I got “home,” Barbara was getting going with her day. She had work to do, and I had brought along a project for any downtime I might have. I brought my big binder of all my printed poems because I have a lot of duplicates, and they were no order whatsoever. So while Barbara worked on some songs for a rehearsal she had tonight, I alphabetized all my poems! Tomorrow maybe I’ll work on creating a database of everything I have.

We took a break and went to Torchy’s for lunch. So delicious. We came back and worked a little more, then B took a nap while I finished up. She later left for rehearsal and though I had the evening to myself, I decided to chill at her house, do some promo for the reading on Wednesday, and have my weekly call with my mom and sister.

Another day off in Austin tomorrow, probably more of the same as today. I figure I may as well get my resting time in while I can! There will be a lot of driving ahead!

June 5_NOLA

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  1. Sandy says:

    it’s so great that you can chill at your friend’s house!

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