Day 7 – New Orleans to Nashville / Gig 3 – Randi & Andrew’s house concert

I was up and at ’em this morning, on the road with coffee by 7 am. Thank you, New Orleans! Here’s a photo of the place where I stayed. The door to the left of the sign on the balcony was my room.


It was rainy, but nothing major for a while. I slipped into Mississippi pretty quickly where it also rained off and on for a while. Here’s a photo of the pretty green trees along the freeway.

img_0176Sometime later, it started really pouring. It was so bad, it was like a grey-out. I could barely see in front of me. This was no California rain. I saw a rest area, and I pulled in which was good because I also had to pee. I put on my hoodie, and was instantly soaked, but it was warm so it wasn’t terrible, unlike being cold and wet. The bathrooms were inside a building through double doors with the women’s to the right and men’s to the left. When I was done and walking back out, I saw a sign inside that said this rest area was maintained by the state of Alabama. I hadn’t even known I was in Alabama! I didn’t see a state sign or any indication of such!

I made my way toward Nashville to my friends’ place. They had agreed to host a house concert and put me up for the night, which was so great. What we didn’t know when we booked this date was that it was CMA Fest here, so all of our friends that we know here all have their own gigs! So our attendance was small, but they were engaged, and really liked it.

Randi Driscoll (hostess) started us off.


We did the show “in the round” which means each person plays a song or reads a poem, then the next person goes. It’s cool because you get inspired by others’ performances or songs etc and you find something in the same vein or that has a similar image or theme. I went second, then Dani Carroll, an old friend from San Diego who’s lived here in Nashville for the last 18 years! It was great to hear her, then the other poet on the show read some from his book. His name is Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum. He was very good.


We went probably 4 or 5 rounds. Us poets read a few pieces each turn. The folks who came really enjoyed it, and after it was over, we all chatted and ate. I sold a couple books, and it was all lovely.

Tomorrow, I don’t have a show, but I’ll be heading toward north to Pennsylvania to see some friends for the night before I make my way to Worcester on Saturday.

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  1. josefa wann says:

    I’ve had some trouble commenting in your blog, but I have enjoyed reading about your adventures and seeing the pictures. Lots of rain but otherwise a nice trip 🙂

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