Day 14 – Ann Arbor

Shortly before the kids went off to school, I made my way downstairs at Laurel’s house to see the fairly typical morning at her house. Then, Laurel & I had coffee and chatted. I took a shower, then we left for breakfast at Anna’s House which was really good. It wasn’t raining yet, so we decided to head to the university to see the peony garden which was in bloom.

It was super lovely and smelled really good. We walked down a little trail behind the garden a little ways which reminded me to tell her about The Hike in Austin. This trail was not nearly as treacherous.

After the garden, she wanted to show me the canoe livery so we drove over there then took a walk around the river a little bit.


It was overcast but humid, small sprinkles, but it was quite nice. Everything was so green! After that, we went to Kerrytown so she could do a little bit of grocery shopping. We went to Zingerman’s which is such a cool little market. It may sound weird, but I really loved all their branding. Then we went to Next Door, their little coffee shop and had a truffle and some caffeinated beverages. Then it was over to Sparrow for some more groceries. We drove back to her house, then walked over to Argus, another great little farm to market market that was so cool.

We came back and she started making dinner. She made palak paneer with grilled chicken thighs and rice. Really really tasty. We sat at the dining room table while her kids ate burgers upstairs and we just talked and talked and talked. It was so great. We drank two bottles of wine and talked some more.

Finally, we decided to get ready for bed. I had done some laundry so I folded that and packed my bag and got my jammies on. By this time, the kids were asleep and she had gone downstairs to talk with her husband. I went down to say goodnight, but then something unexpected happened.

We moved into the music room and started singing! Her husband is a drummer in a “dad band” and likes to practice and invites Laurel to sing along. I was unsure what was happening, but then she handed me a live mic and thus began our epic singalong extravaganza that is some of the must fun I’ve ever had. I think the creme de la creme was when I blew them both away by singing every word to “Bohemian Rhapsody.” But we covered a lot: Tom Petty, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, The Vandals, The Guess Who, The Police, Violent Femmes, and others I can’t remember right now. It was such a great time! I may be tired on the road tomorrow, but it was more than worth it. I love my LoLo.

Heading back west tomorrow, just making my way to my sister’s place in Salt Lake City.

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