Day 16 – Des Moines to Laramie

I got on the road around 7:15 am and got back to the West Wing Weekly. I dig that podcast.

The drive was western Iowa, then the full width of Nebraska, and into Wyoming. There was some weather but nothing major.

What I found truly fascinating was the sky. It was beautiful. I couldn’t help but take a photo every now and then as I drove (don’t worry, Mom, I did it while there were no other cars around me).

It continued into Wyoming, but it also started raining so no photos, though it was so cool. I originally thought I’d stop in Cheyenne, but when I got there, I wasn’t ready to stop so I moved on and stopped in Laramie around 5 pm. Upon nudges from my mom and sister, I decided to take myself out to dinner. There were a few options, but I chose this little place called Jeffrey’s Bistro. It was really good. I had a salad first then my entree of chicken Milanese on pesto pasta. For dessert, I had a really good pot de creme with blackberries.

After dinner, it was about 8 pm, but it was still sunny so I took a walk through the little downtown area. I was glad to see so many pride flags and signs in the storefronts that said “No hate in our town.” If you don’t remember, it was near Laramie where Matthew Shepard was brutally beaten in a horrific hate crime in 1998. He died from his injuries. As I walked around, I saw a lot of cool murals which seemed to reflect the progressive spirit I felt on this quiet evening.

I came back to my room and took a shower which felt amazing. Tomorrow, I have about 400 miles until I get to my sister’s house in Salt Lake. I’m thinking I’ll have breakfast at a coffee place I saw on my walk then hit the road. Until then!

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