Day 18 – Salt Lake City

Got up on my own around 7 am. Sandy & Marty were awake around then too. Sandy thought I would want Starbucks, but instead I suggested we go out to breakfast proper. So we did. We went to the Roots Cafe. It was a gorgeous morning, and this place is super cute, and the food was fantastic.

After breakfast, to walk it off a little, we went to Sugarhouse Park. While the park itself is big and full of green spaces, the walking trail leaves a little to be desired. The path is just on the road around the perimeter of the park, so there’s no tree cover, there can be slow traffic passing you. It wasn’t ideal, but it still beat a poke in the eye, and we were out walking.

After the walk, we came home and spent some time on our computers and phones, as we are wont to do. At one point, we also went and got ourselves some Cokes from McDonald’s.

Around 5:30 pm, we got in the car and headed up to Park City. I had a very vague memory of it, but I couldn’t tell when or why I was there. But yes, I did recognize downtown though none of the drive to it. Anyway, we got there around 6:30 pm and looked for a place to have some dinner. We walked up and down a bit and finally landed on a place called The Eating Establishment. It was good! We finished eating just in time to get to our reason for going up to Park City: ghost tour!

Our guide was Hutch, and he was very personable and his stories were good. While Park City is lovely, the downtown is not particularly picturesque. I mean, it’s just buildings with cars lining the road. However, I did take some photos. The photo on the left is St. Mary’s church, and on the right is the famous Egyptian theater.

A couple other highlights as far as scenery were these two original Banksy pieces.

And the other is this series Sandy took of me with this amazing bear statue. I loved him. His name is Franz.

It was a fun evening, and we were greeted with a fantastic lightning show as we came down out of the mountains. We made a stop at a new place called Crumbl that sells these amazing cookies:


They are thick and soft and scrumptious. We each got two that we shared with Marty & Tristan. Wow, they were amazing.

Tomorrow, we have more things planned, but we’ll see how we feel when we get up. Until tomorrow!

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